Noahs Ark No.8 – Emigrate to Paraguay – Safety First

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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

Very often I have to wrestle with myself for a long time to address challenges that we all know, but that most people don’t want to confront. In the end, my responsibility to you, the people out there, usually wins out.

The responsibility that made us, the founders of El Paraiso Verde, go through all that we have gone through in the last 7 years. “Inhumane” would be a euphemism.

I have to stick then to my own words that I have preached over and over again in my seminars for 40 years: The parable of the “good friend and the bad friend”:

A good friend is the one who whispers to you “you have bad breath, brush your teeth” or “you smell unpleasant” (a Viennese would say “you stink”), “take a shower”. This is the GOOD friend, the bad friend says nothing and secretly thinks “he stinks like a polecat today…..”

Whenever I address these “unpleasant” topics, the do-gooders come and attack me verbally in the strongest terms “YOU SELL with ANGST” is then still polite, scare tactics and other verbal bludgeon follow (Such as “right-wing populist and conspiracy theorist…”).

And if then one, for many awakened foreseeable catastrophes actually occurred, my conscience always torments me with the thought “Have you listened too much to these evil do-gooder – attacks (!?!?)? Did you warn too little intensively, did you sweet-talk too much while the threatening storm clouds were clearly visible in the sky?”

Current example: The real estate crisis

Since 2019, even before COVID, I have been advising people to URGENTLY sell their high-end real estate. After all, prices were at their zenith! I advised to sell and come to us to spend carefree the rest of life in the Green Paradise.

What was I verbally PUNCHED! Unbelievable. Half a dictionary of “attributes” I collected…..

And then the steam hammer of the housing crisis came down on Europe. It began in November 2022 and crashed then so correctly December 2022. In England, France, Luxembourg went nothing more. In Austria and Switzerland, properties over 500,000 euros were practically unsaleable. There were hardly prospective customers, the banks financed almost no more and in Germany there were region and district-wise collapses with the Immo prices of up to 40%. In some areas, especially larger and more complex properties (combined with businesses, guest rooms, hotels…) became unsaleable.

Did this have an impact on us? Of course! There are currently over 30 families in Europe who would like to move to us, but are sitting on their properties and thus cannot invest with us.

How did we respond to this situation?

a) Reduction of employees.
b) Employment of outside companies, on a job-by-job basis and as needed.
c) Switching to domestic sales.
d) Utilizing the tremendous potential of our rehabilitated pastures in the wake of the CASHCOW packages, approximately half of the packages have been sold.
e) Construction activity restart: by the end of July 2023, 8 more construction sites will be finished, 6 new ones will be started, 16 good construction workers have been rehired. This time under European management. A team of settlers will improve efficiency and speed, and introduce post-calculation. The settlers are now becoming more and more responsible.

Bad times for our enviers. Now that you can no longer sing the “You’ll never get into the land register in EPV” mantra, the bankrupt vultures wished for by the eternal bad-mouthers have also flown away and a lot of new storks have landed in EPV …

And yet I reproached myself for not having warned strongly enough about the clearly visible collapse of the real estate market in Europe.

So this time I am clearly warning about the next crisis that most people in Europe still don’t want to admit – SECURITY.

In Europe

Anyone can get the info on Telegram, Rumble and Bitchute for themselves. I have attached two links below.

The argument “I’m sure everything will remain peaceful in my village” may be true if the conditions in France and the UK become a European conflagration.

But insecticide, chemtrails, new planemias, lockdowns, smurfing, inflation, censorship, bureaucracy, LGBTQ, insane laws by bought, perverted politicians, election fraud and much more also affect the “peaceful village”.

I recently spoke with my brother on the phone on the occasion of his 70th birthday and he tells me in passing that at Reumannplatz and Keplerplatz in the 10th district of Vienna “just so regularly the shootings between the Chechens and the Afghans take place”. And he tells me this in his relaxed Viennese manner. After all, we were born and grew up in the “tenth Hieb” (in Viennese, the 10th district).

I was silent, couldn’t breathe and had tears in my eyes. These were the places where we met the girls 50 years ago and experienced our first love, at the ice cream man Tichy on Reumannplatz we ate ice cream and sat in the park.

At Keplerplatz we visited the market and went to the Keplerkino (when they were still playing STILL movies there back then) to put the DRIFTERS hit “kissing in the back row of the movies on Saturday night with you” into practice in the last row- Oh yes for the younger semesters: that was a number 1 hit back then, just like the Samba Pa Ti, which made me a professional guitarist. I played both songs myself on stage for many years….
I have tears in my eyes even now as I write this. This WAS once our home…

Video with Text here.

2. Video here.

The security situation in Paraguay

The security situation in Paraguay varies from region to region but on average is much better:

We do not have countless of battle-hardened male refugees from foreign countries in Paraguay, only Germans, Europeans, many pensioners and emigrant families.
In rural areas, everyone has food to eat.
In Paraguay, the people can buy weapons and use them for self-defense.

Asuncion: Almost the whole city is safe. The few unsafe streets can be easily avoided. Conditions like in Neuköln do not exist here.
Villarrica: Has always been safe, is safe now.
Independencia: The weekly newspaper writes: “Muggings are the order of the day in the Colonia Independencia.
Hohenau: People build walls with barbed wire and have sheepdogs.
Caazapa: Practically no crime.
El Paraiso Verde: Safe.

The following video is not for you, Paraiso Verde fans. This video is meant to make people think who haven’t thought about the idea of emigration as intensely as you have. Hard, but true:


Emigrate to PARAGUAY – An Alternative?

For us at El Paraiso Verde, these images from the first section of the video are unreal, as if they came from a bad “Doomsday” movie. And yet, this is apparently the BEGINNING “New Normal” in Europe and in the USA.

There is nothing to add to these pictures. Everyone may decide for himself whether he wants to continue living with his family in this world out there or perhaps inquire about the possibilities of a life in El Paraiso Verde – even if it is only as a plan B just in case.

Interesting development

More and more Europeans who have already emigrated to Paraguay are contacting us and want to know what EPV is ACTUALLY all about. And they are enthusiastic.

The following email clearly shows the situation:

Thank you for your quick reply. I think it is very good that you now also offer something for people already living here. Now this is not so easy for me to stay away 4 days from my property, house and workshop. There are dogs, chickens, ducks and cattle to take care of. Also the security situation here is such that normally nothing happens when I am here. When I’m not here, things get feet. Opportunity makes thieves.
This is one of the motivations for me to meet you.
For 2 days I could get someone trustworthy, but unfortunately not for more.
In the info week of 27.07. I could Friday and Saturday all day. But would have to leave very early on Sunday, around 5am.

It would be a great pity if we can’t get to know each other because of these obstacles.

Kind regards”

If you live in Paraguay and would like to join us for a visit, please contact us here: LINK.

By the way: This reminds me of the time when I lived in the villa district Klosterneuburg near Vienna. There also the Romanians and Bulgarians came by bus to Vienna to break into the villas when the owners were lying on the beach in Bibione…

Some Europeans who already live in Paraguay, but spend only part of the year in Paraguay, want to buy properties with us. El Paraiso Verde is probably the only place where you can be away for months (years) and everything is just in its place as the day you left. Therefore: Property in El Paraiso Verde – the IDEAL plan B.

Contact us here for a consultation about YOUR Plan B in El Paraiso Verde

Register here.

PLAN B – EPV is already getting around, I have sold 7 residential plots in the last week, which serve exactly this purpose: In case you have to leave Europe, you have a foot in the door and a plot in El Paraiso Verde.

Message from a settler:
“Good day Erwin, I hope you are well.
I was working on our property over the weekend and saw that the road was being prepared. So I wanted to thank you for organizing and doing this so quickly after our conversation. Thank you for this! Kind regards.”

We strive day after day to make our Green Paradise more beautiful, better and safer for you.

What IS home REALLY????

Home: the place where people live with you, who are sympathetic to you, who understand you and love you.


HOME is the place where you can go for a walk at any time of the day or night, where your children can have adventures outside all day long and you don’t have to worry about anything, a place where only people you like to meet are sitting in a nice pub……

Soul family: the people who love you as you are, who appreciate you and who are there for you when you need them.

All love
Erwin Annau


P.S. Subject Safety

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