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Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear Paraiso Verde Fans,

The world situation from our point of view (from paradise) at the beginning of the probably “hottest month” of the last 70 years:

Germany: Fewer and fewer people are finding their way out of Germany, the dungeon of the nations. Most surrender to their fate. More and more can’t sell their real estate despite price cuts, more and more find completely irrelevant reasons to justify their staying in Germany and don’t realize that the war has already started.

No, it is not a war, Nato against Russia. It is the war for the complete annihilation of the German people-soul. What 2 world wars and 70 years of re-education camps (FRG and GDR) have not managed, shall be accomplished in the next – cold – winter.

Who has not yet ruined himself by the vaccination should freeze or starve. The attack on Nordstream can probably not be interpreted in any other way. Who has a motive for such an act? Only 5 nations have the technical means to carry out such an attack:

China, Germany, Great Britain, USA and Russia. Who do you think it was?
China? Is too far away and has no warships in the area to do it.
Great Britain? The British have too much to do with their own problems….
Germany? Doesn’t want to commit suicide, OR???
Russia? Why destroy the gas pipeline when you have the tap in Russia anyway to turn Nordstream on and off at any time?

But most Germans sit like rabbits in front of the snake and hope that it won’t hurt when the snake bites….

Austria: On the island of the blissful, people still joke about pandemic and world conflagration. Almost everyone has been vaccinated and is proud of the last booster. In 1982, a now deceased insider told me that in Austria, at least since 1970, there have been only falsified election results and all politicians since Bruno Kreisky have not been elected, but installed by the secret societies.

Yes, and the parties kept each other in check back then with the knowledge of the respective dirty tricks of the other side. And with pleasure the insider told me what knowledge the other side had about the perversions of the politicians of the other side (absolutely not G-rated). At that time everything was named and with details. Fortunately, these politicians have also all passed away in the meantime.

But please, that was so 40 years ago, today that is certainly no longer the case (means the Austrian people soul – world champion in looking away).

Switzerland: There one still lives in the “good, old time, when the franc had more than 100% gold coverage and the banking secrecy was still intact. Nobody reports that almost all big Swiss banks are deeply involved in the international money laundering scene and therefore on the black list and that they cannot transfer money abroad anymore. No one says that Switzerland has for over 30 years clammy secretly hawked almost all gold reserves and the Swiss franc is just as an air currency as the euro and the dollar. And nobody reports that in Switzerland since last week the “emergency law” is valid and thus the basic rights are to a large extent out of force……..

And fewer and fewer people are coming to Paraguay, a country that has remained free thanks to our tireless work. What effort it takes to prevent the biannual attacks of a “rollout of 5G”, to stall mandatory masks and vaccination campaigns for children, and now to prevent the LGBTQ or whatever this total madness is called in Paraguay, no one has a clue.

What is our thanks for this inhumane achievement? A small group of Germans who don’t leave a good hair on our faces and use every opportunity to badmouth us, even though they are the beneficiaries of the freedom we fought for in Paraguay. But unfortunately: that is, this German (German speaking) people: they are destroying themselves. And that is why the plan to finally destroy the Germans (German-speaking) seems to be working, because their own people are diligently helping in the destruction…..

Napoleon knew that Germans always tear themselves apart and all he had to do was spread a few rumors and the Germans fought themselves like the bitterest of enemies. Sick.

But instead of learning from history, the wildest rumors are spread about us

El Praiso Verde and Erwin and Sylvia, and then believed by the do-gooders.

On the hit parade of the rumors at top number 2: “Erwin and Sylvia will set off to Argentina“.

Yes, and Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and we buy 5 big excavators and take them to Argentina, to a country with 5G everywhere, where 85% of the population is vaccinated, where we have just made the vaccination rate in Paraguay the lowest in South America through a lot of effort.

Top number 1 on the rumor list is:Erwin and Sylvia are in reality cloned…“.

Well, you can’t think of anything else or – in good Bavarian: You’ll get the bird “naus”…

Let’s take a rumor from the middle of the hit parade:

Nothing grows in El Paraiso Verde.

Gerhild and Heinz talk about the rumor “Nothing grows in El Paraiso Verde” and they talk about how you can make your own paradise out of your land in El Paraiso Verde.

What is so incredible about the situation?

There are 2 people who build a whole LAND in a wonderful subtropical climate with streak-free skies and glyphosate-free soil, 8 x the size of Monaco, where people can plant their gardens in peace and enjoy nature, and only one of 400,000 German-speaking people finds his way to El Paraiso Verde.

The monkey business in the world, the “new normal” (= the out there normal insanity) goes completely “on the ….. fence…” past.

We have created a complete country!

Roads, lakes, jungle, gardens, houses, health care, cafe, bakery, library, restaurant, school, a vigilant security force and thus a country in which everyone can realize themselves, unhindered, free and carefree. A country without crime, where you can walk or jog everywhere at any time of the day or night without having to think about it.

But this is only an invitation. No one has to accept it. We are now self-sufficient – nutritionally and financially. We don’t need the 6,000 or 20,000 people for whom we built this land. They either come or they don’t come. We- the residents of El Paraiso Verde make our land nice – really nice.

The New Plan of our Settlement

6 years after the project was founded, about 240 settlers live here. Almost 800 people have found a secure job.

We, the founders of this land have built an infrastructure for almost 20,000 people….

The plan was to have about 4-6000 people in El Paraiso Verde. Since they are not there yet, we have redesigned El Paraiso Verde into a gigantic recreational area. We are building a “Central Park in which there will be, among other things, the following facilities:

a) a tournament soccer field (full size)
b) a beach volleyball field
c) a basketball court
d) 2 tennis courts
e) Table tennis tables
f) a Bochia competition field
g) mini golf
h) a sandy beach (Playa Lago del YPY)
i) a beach bar
j) a boat and stand up paddle rental and much more.

Furthermore, we will build a horse ranch in Pira Tava with horse stalls and a large pasture.
The pasture is already finished. The grass seeds have already been sown.

The new dam to the southern tip will create new riding trails and excursion areas.
Many areas within the settlement area will be used as cattle pastures for the time being to be converted into new villages later, depending on the rate of immigration.

This is our new El Paraiso Verde:

el paraiso verde plan neu 1

El Paraiso Verde – a green paradise that invites you to visit and live in peace and freedom.
To all those who want to live in peace and freedom and realize their dream of life.

All the best
Erwin Annau

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