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Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

Last week we showed you the bill. Now the law to free Paraguay from the scourge of the globalist plague has been passed. Here is the document:


we have a media department at El Paraiso Verde for a few weeks now. Dominik and Julia came to us with a one-way ticket. Dominik is an established video producer. Both have been working in the field of image films for years. Julia takes care of our websites.
Here they present their first film about house building in El Paraiso Verde

The construction department of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. became the largest construction company in the country. José Luis Caceres, the long-time head of the department, presents his department.

28 construction sites (as of February 2022) are managed by him at the same time. 200 construction workers work only in this department (600 Reljuv employees in total).

In addition to our 200 construction workers, there are external companies that have proven themselves with good quality and punctual work. Windows, doors, roofs and pools are delivered to our construction sites. Concrete structures are partly done by outside companies. Kitchens are partly done by ourselves, plus 4 external carpenters are being contracted. We are currently setting up a 2nd joinery under British management, which can then also supply windows, doors and furniture of all kinds.

We adhere to international standards (we employ many skilled workers with many years of experience in Argentina). Special emphasis is placed on quality control. As a protection against rising damp (as shown in an earlier video), we use several methods at the same time for each house: Gravel layer, waterproof concrete, bitumen coating, asphalt-aluminium foil.

In the video a 290m2 villa in El Paraiso Verde is shown during the shell construction works.

Construction time including planning: (depending on the speed of the builder) 6-8 months. Record so far: Flats “Clemens”: 4 months from start until the two families moved into the double flat house.

Welcome home to El Paraiso Verde
Subtitles Spanish: click on the cogwheel: click subtitles (Spanish will be generated automatically)
Subtitles translated: Gear/subtitle/automatically translate/enter your desired language.

Have fun watching (for some, also have fun learning Spanish!)

All the best!
Erwin Annau


Professionals wanted
Middle and high school teachers: MATHEMATICS, science
Experts with experience especially in pulling fruit trees.
Technician to operate our 3 D- house printer: training directly in El Paraiso Verde, around February 2022.
2 positions in our 3D team are still available.
Shoreline design and water body maintenance.
Garden design
Interior design
Fish farming
Technician and precision mechanic for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.
Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of activity to

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