Visit by Senator Silvio Adalberto Overlar Benites

Dear friends of El Paraiso Verde

Senate opinion leader visits El Paraiso Verde
Paraguay is fighting for its freedom and winning.

Silvio Adalberto Ovelar Benites is now a senator for the 4th time. He is the opinion leader of the Collorado Party.
In the course of negotiations for the introduction of the law on the abolition of all entry restrictions and the prohibition of future “planning measures” by the government, we invited him to visit us and he accepted with pleasure.

After a meeting at the White House and an extensive tour of the settlement area, he gave an enthusiastic and inspiring speech at a workers’ meeting. One of the most important points of his speech was that we – the founders of El Paraiso Verde – insist on the lawful payment of our employees and proper insurance.

He even asked the assembled staff in Guarani if they were getting social security benefits and if they were being paid properly and the crowd applauded him. Good deeds always come back, you just need patience and faith in the good.


Entry in March or April
Those who currently wish to enter the country without a vaccination certificate should please be patient until the implementation of the new law has reached the airlines. We expect that it will be possible to enter the country without a vaccination certificate within April. We cannot say anything more precise at the moment. Therefore, please: book flights so that you can change the departure date.

We have broken the 600-employee barrier. The increase in staff was almost exclusively in the construction sector. Most of the newly hired staff have years of experience in Argentina. If you have worked in Argentina, you are usually good, otherwise you don’t have a job there.

On Thursday, the first new pilot foundation was concreted with the new, super-strong concrete pump on the Rammed Earth show house construction site. The concrete pump will improve both the quality of the concrete even more and the speed on the construction sites. Floor slabs, foundations, concrete ceilings are concreted at least 5 times faster with about one tenth of the workers.
The new pump can pump up to 24 m3 per hour of concrete to the construction site.


Founding the Health Centre

On Sunday 13 March 2022, a historic meeting took place at the EPV White House. At dinner we, the board of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a, together with our medical director Dr. Scipione, met the two antroposophical doctors Dr. Matias and Dr. Christian, our homeopath Maxine from Great Britain, as well as our two alternative practitioners Uwe and Hans Peter.

It was decided to found the Health Centre. Erwin and Sylvia donated the currently most expensive hectare in El Paraiso Verde – PV 106 – for this purpose. Ideally situated for a health centre, we will build a reception pavilion there, from where the individual practice pavilions can be reached via short footpaths. More about this in the next newsletters. We always keep an eye on our goals. We implement them, regardless of how long it takes and how many setbacks have to be overcome along the way. Doctors and alternative practitioners can build their practice on this site, adapted to the co-ordinated building style as a super-precious building, or they can also rent it. Health professionals are invited to participate in the (planned) largest alternative healing centre in the world.


What do I get for my investment in a plot in EPV?
100km of roads, flood protection, more than a dozen lakes, more than 100 hectares of natural wood 16 km2 of recreational area, electricity, water from 15 deep wells, internet supply (3 providers give security), self-sufficiency in food, a market, a café a high quality restaurant with organic food, a raw food café and much more.
Today in detail one of the most important areas:

El Paraiso Verde Health Centre.

  • 1 multi-specialist doctor with many years of experience in an alternative medicine clinic as medical director
  • An assistant doctor from Paraguay licensed as a general practitioner
  • Two experienced anthroposophic doctors from Germany.
  • One of the best homeopaths from Great Britain
  • Two of the best and most experienced alternative practitioners from Germany (see interviews),
  • A dental hygyene unit with fully equipped dental chair will be installed soon.
  • Two dentists will move to us in the near future, one will open a practice.
  • 24/7 care by doctor and nurses: round-the-clock on-call service.
  • An ambulance
  • A wide range of alternative treatments.
  • Several dieticians and nutritionists, physiotherapists, remedial gymnastics coaches, fitness coaches, teachers of various martial arts, yoga instructors, etc. etc.
  • Paraguay’s first raw food café for healthy food, smoothies, juices and healthy desserts.

Now you know why we are pushing the construction of flats as a form of investment: The plan from the very beginning was to host 700 health tourists at EPV all the time. We will also achieve this goal.

Expansion of the EPV school offer
In addition to the successfully run “Free Learning” of our Anja and Tim, we now offer an anthroposophical school form whose aim is to lead the children towards the “Cambridge Certificate”. This international certificate enables pupils to go to almost all universities in the world.

Many parents wanted a more structured form of school in addition to the excellent “free learning”. Therefore, RELJUV has taken over the management of the school and it also bears the additional costs of the now 2 types of schools that can be attended in EPV and…. we already have 43 children enrolled in our school!

Takeover of the Bambambo by RELJUV
Dani and Helmut have founded our first café, the Bambambo, fulfilling a lifelong dream. AND- they invested their own money, took risks and created this wonderful meeting place for the settlers. For this, they are forever part of our history as the founders of the first café in EPV.

However, building and running a café is hard work. Dani and Helmut have gone beyond all limits to the point where “it was no longer possible”. And here you can see the power and the possibilities of a strong community. When total burnout threatened, RELJUV bought the cafe from the two of them, they got their entire investment back and RELJUV reopened the cafe within a week.

Daniela and Dominique, with their more than -combined 30 years of experience in restaurant operations and management, have taken over the running of the café for the time being. They will be happy to pass on this additional task to competent people with gastronomic experience. The aim is to keep the café open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm. This will require 4 shifts. We have one shift of excellent staff. So we still need about 8-10 people who want to work at the Bambambo.

In Memoriam Dr Luis Cartes.
26 February was the first anniversary of the death of Dr Luis Cartes.
A friend, counsellor, our fellow Board member, our brother in heart passed away suddenly. We miss him. His laughter, his warmth, his love. He will always have a place in our hearts.

Opening of the “Library of the ReThink-Academy” by Heinz and Gerhild
Heinz and Gerhild are already “old-timers” at El Paraiso Verde. In the meantime, they are “world-famous” because of their interviews with international TV stations.

They opened a library on their property, which is accessible to all settlers free of charge. Settlers can come for a visit, get a cup of coffee and enjoy reading one of the many interesting books from their collection in the shade of the trees.

In this way, all settlers can get a feel for what it might be like on their own land in 1-2 years’ time. A welcome change in the Paraiso Verde daily routine. It is nice to have people with us who make important contributions FOR the community.

And everything including coffee is free:
“What I give, somehow comes back someday” (Heinz)

Erwin Annau

Professionals wanted

  • Middle and high school teachers: MATHEMATICS, science subjects
  • PERMACULTURE- Experts with experience especially in the cultivation of fruit trees
  • Technicians to operate our 3D in-house printer: training directly at El Paraiso Verde, approx. February 2022
  • 2 positions in our 3D team are still available.
  • People who would like to work in our Bambambo.
  • Shoreline design and water maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision mechanics for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics Specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of employment to

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