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Dear El Paraiso Verde friends

Visit of Senator Silvio Adalberto Overlar Benites at El Paraiso Verde
– the video

Here is the video of the visit of Paraguay’s most influential senator. And also the proof: He asks the gatheredi workers in Guarani if they are also 100% registered with the social security and the gathered workers confirm this with loud applause. Unbelievable for such a large company in Paraguay, but: we set a good example.

Entry in April without vaccination certificate
It will take at least until the end of April to implement the new law. Therefore, as soon as we have a date when the border is open FOR SURE according to the new law, we will insert a special trip (INFO-week). So please: book your flights so that you can change the departure date.

May travellers: as far as one can still predict anything in the current world situation, one can assume that the border will be open by then.

With this law, it was important to us that in the future no other government could temporarily suspend the constitution by taking emergency measures in the event of a pandemic. Paraguayans respect their constitution.

Doctor Naturalista UWE – the interview:
Uwe: Medico Naturalista (health practitioner) in El Paraiso Verde – ambitions from the earth to high above the clouds

Uwe, born in 1959 in Cologne, is a very special settler at El Paraiso Verde. After his years as a mail nurse in the emergency room of a hospital, he became a health practitioner because he could not reconcile many things in conventional medicine with his conscience.

After 35 years of successful work in his own alternative practitioner’s practice in Cologne, he did NOT come to us for his well-deserved retirement, but was fully committed to building up our RELJUV Health Centre.

In his private life Uwe is an enthusiastic pilot, unicyclist, sport shooter, Tesla driver, e-motor biker and excavator driver and much more. For us, Uwe is a friend with great life experience, vision and wisdom. This interview will certainly give many of his professional colleagues something to think about. But also for all those interested in EPV, his frank comments on fellow residents and former residents will be very enlightening. We have left his interview as he gave it, without “editing”. We have the Free Word.


We have 2 TV stations
From 4 April, our radio station 98.1 FM will also be available as a television station nationally and internationally via the internet. In addition, our new television station, Channel 8, will also be available in April, so that we can be seen via cable just like the mass media.
May the truth have a voice that is heard and seen.

The video below was shot by the 98.1 television team.


SYLVIA: a celebration in honour of the founder of El Paraiso Verde

Many people who live with us see Sylvia as the “soul” of El Paraiso Verde.
It is all the more surprising that Sylvia has never claimed a big celebration for herself in her life and has never had one.

All her birthdays were family celebrations at best.

This should have been different in 2020, but COVID prevented her for 2 years from having the – SUPER- fiesta she had long been due.

When her birthday finally approached in 2022, the celebration had to be something very, very special. And our staff enthusiastically joined in.

There was a special “secret commission” that meticulously planned the monster event.

The band “Generaciòn”, which has won several awards as the best band in Paraguay, was hired to dance. Two Paraguayan superstars sang at the gala dinner and also at the end of this unforgettable celebration.

The powerful voice of singer Freddy Rebusqueti “enchanted” us at the dinner.

A very special experience was Carlos Baez, the singer who, among other things, interpreted beatless songs with heart and feeling. Carlos Baez filled stadiums 30 years ago. After the death of his beloved wife, his life went off the rails. Today he is almost blind and only sings for his friends.

I wanted to give my Sylvia something very special for her birthday. But what do you give an angel who already has everything?

So after a 42-year break as a concert guitarist, I unpacked my Gibson guitar again and played some jazz numbers as well as good old Carlos Santana. Black Magic Woman, Samba Pa Ti, Oye Como Va, like back in 1976 in the Linz sports hall with Wolfgang Ambros, but also the new Santana number Smooth Ft Roberts. That was fun and the “old musician’s heart” laughed….

The warmth of the settlers was very touching. Thank you so much for coming in such large numbers! We have never had so many real friends – many more than in all the big cities we lived in together….

Especially touching was a fact that we only found out AFTER the celebration:

In order for this special celebration to come about like this, most of the office and administrative staff, as well as the managers of the production departments, made voluntary contributions from their money. Everyone, even those who work for us on minimum wage, gave the same amount – even if they could NOT be there because, for example, they had to work the next day or through the night, or because they had to pick up new arrivals from Asuncion. And then there were all the gifts…

We would not have allowed this if we had known beforehand.
This is the El Paraiso Verde “family”.


Erwin Annau

Those were the two short speeches:
To the gig:

I thought it would be difficult for Sylvia, who actually has everything, to do something for her birthday that she has never seen, heard or experienced before. Something special. Something new. It’s been 42 years and more since I last stood on a concert stage with a guitar like this and played these pieces of music.

El Paraiso Verde also means realising goals, wishes and dreams. Back then, 42 years ago, I always enjoyed being on stage and I missed it. At our school, one of the things we want is for every student to be able to perform something special on stage, be it music, language, dance or other art.

Well, I’ll set a good example and hope that many more will follow with their performances.

What I am now playing on the guitar is also a premiere for Sylvia. Sylvia has never heard these songs played by me before. Have fun.

Dear guests, dear staff, dear settlers, dear Sylvia.
For days I have been trying to find the right words for your birthday speech.
But so far I have not succeeded. And now I know why:
You are simply indescribable, incredible, the most wonderful woman I have ever met.
It is an honour for me to be in your life.

I was speechless when you came into my life. And when I think back with what courage, what commitment and with what consistency you went this journey with me and with Juan to create a new home for hundreds of settlers and workers, and to prove that there can also be another, a more beautiful way of living together, I am still at a loss for words.

Thank you for your steadfastness, your wisdom and your tireless efforts in creating a new kind of community – El Paraiso Verde.

Thank you for allowing me to have a place in your heart. My heart belongs to you forever anyway.

May you celebrate a hundred and many more birthdays happily and healthily with us.


Professionals wanted

  • For our ever-growing school: Lower, Middle and Upper School teaching in all subjects, especially Mathematics and Science subjects.
  • PERMAKULTUR-Experts with experience especially in pulling fruit trees
  • Technician for the operation of our 3D in-house printer: Training directly at El Paraiso Verde, approx. February 2022 – 1 position in our 3D team is still available.
  • People who would like to work in our Bambambo.
  • Shoreline design and water maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision mechanics for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics Specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work experience to

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