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Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

Entry restrictions to be dropped no later than April 21

In a war, it is difficult to be precise. We are in a war, World War 3, which fortunately is being fought by other means (propaganda, injected drugs,…..).
Propaganda is fast and blinds the eye. However, in such a war, truth always wins.

This is also the case in Paraguay. For 2 years we have consistently represented the truth about the p(l)andemia, the useless face wear and the injections. Since day 1, we knew what was being played. Our consistent course of truth has won.

According to confirmed information from the relevant agencies, the decree on entry restrictions (entry only for vaccinated people) will fall between April 18 and 20. Thus, from April 21 or 22, people should be able to enter Paraguay without having to show proof of vaccination. It will no longer be asked for.

According to our information, the already greatly relaxed mask requirement will also fall on that day.
Basic mathematics has thus also entered the Ministry of Health.
1.size of a virus – 1 micron
2.size of a VIrus on a drop of water: 61 micron
3.smallest distance between fibers of even the best face diaper: 81 microns

The case of mandatory masks was confirmed Friday by the largest daily newspaper in Paraguay.


Those who are planning to visit us can enter the country from April 22, according to the information confirmed to us by the relevant authorities.

Best wishes
Erwin Annau

Professionals wanted

  • “2-3 teachers for self-directed/free learning. Experience is an
  • Advantage, internal training is available.”
  • Lower, middle and high school teaching math and science subjects.
  • PERMACULTURE-Experts with experience primarily in pulling fruit trees.
  • Technician to operate our 3D in-house printer: training directly at El Paraiso Verde, approx. February 2022.
  • 1 position in our 3D team is still available.
  • People who would like to work in our Bambambo.
  • Shoreline design and water maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technician and precision mechanic for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of activity to

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