Paraguay is free!

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Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!




On 18 April 2022, all COVID measures in Paraguay were lifted by the Ministry of Health.Domestic testing, masks and vaccination are a thing of the past. In line with our wishes, vaccination and masks remain voluntary. Paraguay is a free country again.


It was a long struggle. 2 years of convincing politicians at state, federal and municipal level, countless hours of research, translation, forwarding the current TRUE information about Covid, tests, masks and vaccination. A fight against a global “omnipotent” octopus with an unlimited budget, led by a handful of “Jedi Knights” with relatively paltry resources of money, staff and time.

I had to take on the “digital warrior” in addition to our monster task in El Paraiso Verde, Juan took on convincing the politicians and persuading the population via our radio. Our settlers helped us and our staff took the message out to their fellow citizens.


With our radio programme “La Hora de Verdad” (the hour of truth), we successively woke people up until the vast majority of the population recognised the real threat. No, not the virus but the loss of freedom, health and humanity was the danger that people first had to recognise.


The “other side” was aware that if Paraguay “fell” and Covid ended, the rest of South America would fall like a domino. And so it was. At 7pm that evening, the news reached us that Brazil had followed our lead and lifted all COVID measures. At least most of the continent will follow in the next few days.


Truth, reason and the consistent fight for freedom have paid off.


We have won! Paraguay is free!


Entry is now allowed without proof of vaccination. Still (as of 18.4.2022) a PCR test is required 2 days before travel. This measure also has an expiry date.


Today there were allegedly public parties with mask burning in Asuncion.


If you want to join us now, please register quickly, as we are expecting an emigrant tsunami.


See you soon at El Paraiso Verde!
All the best
Erwin Annau



Professionals wanted

  • “2-3 teachers for self-directed/free learning. Experience is an 
  • Advantage, internal training is possible.”
  • Lower, middle and upper school teaching maths and science subjects.
  • PERMAKULTUR- Experts with experience especially in pulling fruit trees.
  • Technician to operate our 3D in-house printer: training directly at El Paraiso Verde, approx. February 2022
  • 1 position in our 3D team is still available.
  • People who would like to work in our Bambambo.
  • Shoreline design and water maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision mechanics for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics Specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.


Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of employment to


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