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Dear El Paraiso Verde fans,

Latest news

  1. Rammed Earth: The big mixer including low loader for the Rammed Earth rammed earth, which was completed in Canada at the beginning of April, has arrived in Paraguay. With it we will first build 8 Rammed Earth terraced houses in Pira Tava. After that, the first Rammed Earth house will be built in the settlement area.
  2. The special drill for the new pilot foundations will be ready for use next week. Multi-storey houses and Rammed Earth houses will stand on 4 – 7 metre deep columns. This construction method speeds up house construction for multi-storey buildings.
  3. Our 5th large excavator has arrived at EPV. 5 large excavators will mean a significant speed up in the construction of the embankment outside the settlement area, as well as in the construction of the waterways and lakes in the settlement area. And we also bought a low-loader trailer so that all heavy machinery on the site can be transported more gently for roads and machinery in the future.
  4. Our two, own cable TV channels are currently being brought up to the latest technical standard. We expect to have TV programs from and about El Paraiso Verde starting August. Then we will be the “Main Stream Media” on cable TV.A refrigerated truck was bought in Germany. It is on its way to El Paraiso Verde. This will facilitate shopping for our (currently still 2, soon to be 4) restaurant businesses and for the minimercado (which is not so mini anymore).
  5. The first annual target for cattle breeding – 2500 cattle by mid-year – has been achieved. The cattle breeding is in full swing and the regular sale of cattle has started. This ensures self-sufficiency even in the event of an international crisis. El Paraiso Verde gets its 3rd internet provider with a second, independent cable connection.
  6. This 3rd internet connection is at the same time the connection to cable television and thus offers even better internet quality. Side effect: All cable channels in the world can be received via this cable TV line. We may soon have National Geographic and History Channel on EPV.
  7. The 3 D printer was taken out of the container after about 15 months of “Covid quarantine”, assembled by experts of the manufacturer and – it works! The first walls and a park bench with table were printed in concrete. A milestone in the history of our community.
  8. Our fire engine has been equipped for oil spill operations. We have many heavy vehicles that carry hundreds of litres of oil and diesel. If, for example, a hydraulic line bursts, we can intervene within a very short time and prevent the oil from flowing into nature.

    Party evening at El Paraiso Verde
    On Friday we again had a party at the Bambambo. You know the pictures. We had Indian summer with 30 degrees centigrade during the day and 22 degrees in the evening. It was wonderful to sit outside and chat our settlers and staff in 3 languages. That’s what I call a “winter evening”.

    Our guests from Holland (3D printer instructors) sat with a cosy beer and so did our local guest, snake expert Danilo Krause, who is holding his first snake seminar on Saturdays at El Paraiso Verde.

    He told us about the rumours floating around “out there”. He was warned not to come to us, but Danilo (who has been bitten by poisonous snakes many times before) dared death-defyingly to enter the lion’s den – a.k.a. El Paraiso Verde).

    It’s been a long time since we laughed as hard as we did when he told us about the rumours and the people who warned him about us. Stomach aches and tears of laughter. Even as I write these lines, I still have to laugh.

    But that’s the problem with many Alemanni (Germans, Austrians, Swiss….), who not only continue to tell the most hair-raising nonsense someone tells them, but reinforce it. Fama crescit eundo – The rumour grows as it goes.

    There is no need to wonder why the former nation of poets and thinkers is sinking: many people are no longer “completely air tight in their head” and many let others do the thinking for them.

    Again and again, ignorant and gullible people are made to fear us. They say that you can’t speak your mind here and that you have to be afraid of Erwin and Sylvia.

    Free speech in El Paraiso Verde
    It is already written in almost every newspaper in the world that we are a settlement of notorious COUNTER- thinkers, lateral thinkers and alternative thinkers. As challenging as this may sometimes be in daily life, at least we are a community of people who THINK.

    How often have I said: “Science thrives on dissent”.
    A community can only develop if there are also people who think differently. But to think differently and to hold a different opinion does NOT mean to praise this opinion as the only one that makes you happy, to force it on others or to deny fellow human beings the respect they deserve because of their different opinion. That would be a cult, wouldn’t it?

    Does anyone really believe that our dissenters and alternative thinkers in EPV would live happily if we (Erwin and Sylvia) restricted them in their freedom of speech? That is a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? Anyone who uses their head for more than just wearing a hat and cap can see that.

    But free speech does not mean dumping your own anger, frustration and negative mindset on everyone. Mental rubbish belongs in the trash bin just the same. Every human being has the right to have a “great day” (See Principles of Life).

    We have “earth warmers”, “earth coolies”, “round earthers”, “flat earthers”,”torus earthers”, “hollow earthers”, (no cube earthers yet), we have people who believe in life and then go to heaven, others have already lived (different numbers of times) and thus we have the most interesting discussions and debates.

    But in the end, everyone can also accept the other’s point of view – even if you do NOT share it, we discuss passionately, but then we have a drink together and everyone has benefited from the conversation without having to sacrifice their own convictions.

    Yes, sometimes we may argue, but we always seek a solution, embrace each other and all is well. Only sociopaths or people who have done something wrong are vindictive.

    The fairy tale of the “Fear of Sylvia and Erwin”
    Loosely based on the Brothers Grimm.

    Is anyone really afraid of us? Seriously? I mean of ….. Erwin and Sylvia?
    I’ll have to take a look at our photos to see if we really do look that scary.
    Well, even with a 3-day beard I can’t even scare little children and it’s been 48 years since my last karate training……

    All joking aside: Nobody needs to be afraid of us. El Paraiso Verde is one of the very few places on earth where you don’t have to be afraid. Whoever adheres to the principles of life and to our “constitution” (the condominium contract) has his place in EPV, for life.

    Everyone signed the condominium contract, including Erwin, Sylvia and Juan. This is the constitution by which we live our lives – in peace and in freedom. Anyone who does not want to live according to this contract can leave at any time.

    The “merchants of fear and chaos” even managed to scare a mother into thinking she would be “kicked out” if her underage son misbehaved.

    Seriously, how would that be legal, ethical and moral? She was relieved when I was able to explain why this is not possible from the get go: it is nowhere in the condominium contract!

    There is nothing more destructive for any group than rumours and propaganda. That is why we want people with us who question propaganda and refute it with facts. We also want people who recognise rumours, trace them back to the originator, clarify them and stop them.

    And by the way: Of the 600 or so people who have already lived with us, we have “kicked out” 6: two for pretending to act on our behalf and causing more than 1 million euros worth of damage to the community, two for stealing and receiving kick-back commissions from suppliers, and two for using physical violence against settlers and staff. (See Condominium Contract: Grounds for Exclusion by the Board for Criminal Acts).

    All the others who left have decided for themselves that it is no longer a good fit for them (and for us).
    The positive thing in our 5 years of development as a community: the more and clearer we say who we DON’T want, the more people come who really fit in with us. As a result, the coming and going (fluctuation) since the start of the Condominium (1.2.2021) has dropped from about 50% to about 3% .

    NOT wanted in El Paraiso Verde

    • Whoever delights in making others afraid in order to exercise power and control over them.
    • Whoever loves to play people off against each other and then gloat that people are fighting with each other without recognising the originator.
    • Those who spread rumours

    These are the “splitters”  (Spaltpilze or dividing fungus)

    • Those who always manage to see everything from a negative point of view.
    • Those who always sees a problem in every solution instead of a solution in every problem.
    • Thsoe who take out anger, frustration, bad mood and criticism on people who cannot solve the problem in question.
    • Those who always spread bad humour or
    • Those who use constructive discussion chats to vent their anger publicly about personal things that belong in a personal, direct communication for a single chat member (the other chat members have a right to have a nice day, don’t they?)

    These are the “stinkers”  (The “stinking boots”)

    • Those who think they are smarter or more important than others.
    • Who thinks he/she has to “sell” himself/herself to the others all the time, so that the others (whether they want to hear it or not) see how great he/she is.
    • For the record, there are a lot of REALLY great people here that I take my hat off to and admire.           These really great people are just normal. The REALLY great people don’t need to emphasise how great they are.
    • Those who think everyone would go down on their knees in awe of his/her great ego…….

    These are the EGOs

    Our fence around El Paraiso Verde and our admissions process are primarily there to keep splitters, stinkers, pathological egos and sociopaths away from us.
    We just want to live in peace and be left alone.

    WANTED at El Paraiso Verde: People who

    • have an open heart.
    • feel empathy and love and are able to live with empathy and love
    • have their own opinion and represent it personally and with their name (everyone has their own voice with us, no one gives away their vote).
    • People who can see, understand and (even if NOT shared) respect the other person’s point of view.
    • People who stand up for El Paraiso Verde and defend their home EPV in the face of unjustified attacks or rumours.
    • People who suggest improvements through constructive criticism to the responsible people who can change something in the respective matter and also have patience for the implementation.
    • People who understand that we (the board and the 750 women and men strong team of RELJUV) are all “on the edge” and we strive to improve life in EPV as quickly as possible.
    • People who think with their hearts (not just their brains), and who assume that we are all good to each other. That includes Erwin, Sylvia and Juan.

    A question for the doubters: What would WE (Erwin, Sylvia and Juan) gain from not being good to people from the heart and not doing everything we can to make life better for everyone? We live here, we have everything we have (assets, life, reputation, everything) here in El Paraiso Verde. We are blessed with more than enough wealth that we had to work for with blood, sweat and tears against envy, resentment and baseness.

    But above all, we are blessed with the laughter and happiness of our fellow villagers.

    Can you walk into a café or to a romantic campfire anywhere in the world and every single guest, all the staff and the people at the campfire are friends you can joyfully walk up to and hug? That’s paradise, isn’t it?

    It’s beautiful with us, as you can see in this video from our Solstice celebration.
    Welcome to the green paradise.

    All love
    Erwin Annau

    Professionals wanted

    • Master carpenters with experience in furniture and window construction, doors, cabinetmakers. Who can build great windows and doors? We are setting up a carpentry workshop for PROFIS.
    • Heilpraktiker or doctor with experience in darkfield – microscopy
    • Lower, middle and upper school teachers of mathematics and science subjects
    • PERMAKULTUR- experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees
    • Shoreline design and watercourse maintenance.
    • Garden design
    • Interior design
    • Fish farming
    • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”.  Specialists in Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies.

    Applications to

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