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Dear Friends, dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

Today’s newsletter is all about basic trust.
We would therefore very much like to share a touching emigration story with you.
Saphira and Christo have just opened their practice at El Paraiso Verde and are a true example of how, accompanied by primal trust, we can dare to take big steps and give our lives a decisive turning point.
Christo spent the last five years in Germany sacrificially caring for his parents and reorienting himself professionally from a salesman to a healer before moving to El Paraiso Verde full-time.
During this time his beautiful house was built here.
He met his new love Saphira in Germany, who is also a healer and is starting a new life together with him in Paraguay.

Their common dream: A life in harmony with humans, animals and nature, a house with integrated practice, a beautiful garden and swimming lake in the community with like-minded people.
They have fulfilled their dream at El Paraiso Verde and now want to support the community through their work.

“When the direction is right, the path opens before your feet.”

This emigration story exemplifies many settlers who have found a new home here in the village and are realizing their dream.

Enjoy watching the interview with Saphira and Christo:

There is a lot of positive movement in Pira Tava. The White House will soon be the central point of contact for all settler matters, in keeping with the motto “everything under one roof.” This will bring streamlining of many processes and a better overview especially for new settlers.
A group of young people has worked out proposals for the shoreline design of the bathing lake of Pira Tava. Various aspects of the arrangement and orientation of the sandy beach, sunbathing areas, fireplaces, tree planting, jetty and slide were discussed in detail and with enthusiasm.
We are eager to see the results.

The enlargement of the quincho at Bambamboo was completed just in time for the beginning of the year. See for yourself how beautiful it has become.

We are full of primal confidence for this year and will be happy to share more exciting developments and projects with you in the next newsletter.

You are always welcome to get to know our community.

All the best
Your Brigitta,
and the RELJUV Team

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Professionals wanted – New start in Paraguay

El Paraiso Verde is developing. This includes the commercial and economic enterprises of the settlers.

In the course of this development, more and more companies of our settlers are looking for qualified professionals, who can build up a business here much easier without the almost insurmountable – Pionier hurdles themselves or together with experienced settlers.

We are looking for “old journeymen” or master craftsmen from almost all trades, among others

– Carpenters with experience in furniture and window construction, doors, cabinetmakers
– Electricians with experience in mechatronics, photovoltaics
– Plasterers
– Master builders or building polishers
– Marble and stone slab specialists
– Concrete construction specialists, concrete mixers, master builders (knowledge of multi-storey buildings)
– PERMACULTURE experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees
– People who want to work on permaculture together
– Shoreline design and watercourse maintenance
– Garden design
– Interior design
– Fish farming
– Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Specialists in Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies
– Gardeners

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work to

info (at)

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