Newsletter: Merry Christmas in El Paraiso Verde

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Dear friends,
Dear El Paraiso Verde fans,

Community can be so beautiful! We would like to share with you how we celebrate Christmas at El Paraiso Verde. On 12/23, the settlers came together for a Christmas party at Bambamboo. There were cool drinks, hot sounds and a lively atmosphere. South American – everything is colorful, summery and joyful.

A musical greeting was sent to us from Austria by the pioneer of the first hour Bernhard Tschirk (you remember his pioneering work of introducing electricity to EPV 2017 and the Corona Song). He asked Erwin Annau to add a guitar solo to his arrangement. The result of the jam session over 11000 kilometers distance was filmed by Ronnie.

Everyone knows Feliz Navidad (“Merry Christmas”), composed in 1970 by José Feliciano. According to his own statement, Feliciano composed the song in five minutes. Strokes of genius sometimes succeed in minutes….

On Christmas Eve, a Christmas dinner was held under the mango tree at festively decorated tables with a social program arranged by the settlers themselves. The choir put us in a festive mood and poems and stories were recited.

Each settler needed delicious food and drinks for the buffet, there was singing, celebrating, eating and drinking together. The legendary Christmas Secret Santa for young and old put a smile on many faces.

Maybe you will join us next year and celebrate together with us under the dreamlike starry sky.

Feliz Navidad from El Paraiso Verde

“The future starts right now.”

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All love
Your Brigitta,
Sylvia Annau and Dr. Erwin Annau, Dr. Juan Buker
and the RELJUV Team

Experts wanted – New start in Paraguay

El Paraiso Verde is developing. This includes the commercial and economic enterprises of the settlers.

In the course of this development, more and more companies of our settlers are looking for qualified professionals, who can build up a business here much easier without the almost insurmountable – Pionier hurdles themselves or together with experienced settlers.

  • We are looking for “old journeymen” or master craftsmen from almost all trades, among others
    carpenters with experience in furniture and window construction, doors, cabinetmakers
  • Electricians with experience in mechatronics, photovoltaics.
  • Plasterers
  • Master builders or builders
  • Marble and stone slab specialists
  • PERMAKULTUR experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees
    People who want to work together on permaculture.
  • Shoreline design and watercourse maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Specialists in Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies.
  • Gardener

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work to:

info (at)

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