Newsletter: The DEAD for PCR Test – Up up and away

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear Paraiso Verde Fans,

The DEAD for PCR Test in Paraguay

What did I announce last week?
Remember my paragraph?

“None of the envy-hate-misogyny-intrigue Germans who are already celebrating our AUS get that only because of us, the economy did NOT collapse during COVID, that only because of us, the lockdown was softened right from the start and ended quickly. Only because of us, the vaccination rate in Paraguay is the lowest in South America. Only because of us, entry without a vaccination certificate has quickly become possible again and soon the PCR test at entry will also be history.”

What happened today?

Today it was decided that from now on no PCR test will be required for entry in Paraguay. More specifically, no COVID test is required at all anymore.

What did El Paraiso Verde do for the people of Paraguay?

1. ended COVID lockdown in record time

2. saved Paraguay’s economy from collapse (among other things by bringing back tens of thousands of Paraguayan skilled workers during Covid from Argentina, Spain and other countries)

3. compulsory vaccination and vaccination certificate killed

4. LGBTQ nipped in the bud

We stand for Paraguay not to fall to the satanic NWO – madness.

El Paraiso Verde
“A place for all those who want to live in peace and freedom and realize their life’s dream.”

Who wants to help us build El Paraiso Verde as a model community for living in peace and freedom as a model for the future?

Erwin Annau

Our Television Station:

“Die Deutsche Stunde”

Always Sundays 4 PM local time – to be seen on:

Channel TELE7-Caazapá:

Next broadcast on TELE7 Caazapa on Sunday the 23rd of October at 4 pm local time

Our Radio Station:

Radio Caazapa Poty 98.1:

If you can’t receive the TV channel or find it on the internet, you can also watch the show on BITCHUTE from Sunday 6 pm.

In El Paraiso Verde we are still looking for helpers, professionals, those who would like to help in the project. Preferably we are still looking for someone who is knowledgeable for the following jobs:

  • Teachers for lower, middle and upper school mathematics and science.
  • PERMACULTURE experts with experience, especially in growing fruit trees
  • People who want to work on permaculture together
  • Shoreline design and water body maintenance
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”.
  • Specialists for Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work to:


for Download:


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