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Dear Paraiso Verde Fans,

Declaration of War of the Free World against the Google Search Censorship Engine

Last Sunday, at 4 p.m. local time, the “German Hour2 was broadcast for the first time on our cable TV channel TELE7-Caazapa. Although our NEW TV channel (in relation to the big and established channels) has STILL few viewers, within a few hours (!!) there were SEVEN vehicles with interested people in front of the gate of El Paraiso Verde.

Germans who already live in Paraguay and realized the advantages of living in El Paraiso Verde came spontaneously and unannounced to the gate of EPV to “have a look around”.

Of course, there was great disappointment when the guards – dutifully – turned them away.

We have a process to get into El Paraiso Verde: register via . Explain why you want to come and who you are. Send a copy of an identification document (cedula, passport, identity card).

Every visitor will be checked by us.

If there is no invitation from an existing settler, the interested party will be assigned to a case worker. This person will make a short interview. Based on the interview it will be decided if an invitation will be sent or if the interested person should register for an information week.

Crime in Paraguay

In times like these, crime has increased significantly worldwide. Caazapá is still 10x safer than Wuppertal, but unfortunately we cannot say anymore (like 3 years ago) that there is ZERO crime in Caazapá. We owe worldwide to the Covid madness that 2% of all people whose livelihood was destroyed by Covid changed jobs and went into crime. And not all of them became “just” internet scammers….

In Hohenau there are many German immigrants who, because of the many lies about us, thought they would emigrate to Paraguay without coming to EPV. These wonder why there are so many dogs in Hohenau.

Not only is the nightly barking concert at its best, the question about the even more increasing dog population in Hohenau is answered by Germans with the fact that you can’t leave the house alone because it gets cleaned out and that robberies are more and more frequent.

Robberies have been common in Colonia Independencia for quite some time.

Crime in most areas of Paraguay is not yet as bad as in German and Austrian cities, but unfortunately this worldwide development has not left Paraguay unscathed.

The issue of security becomes an important argument for El Paraiso Verde to move in, especially since every foreigner in Paraguay is a “Guarani billionaire” and is considered a dollar millionaire.

In El Paraiso Verde, no one thinks about security when he or she goes for a walk in the middle of the dark night to admire the starry sky. And those who reside here can go to the sea, to the mountains or to their old home for many months without hesitation and will find their house back the way they left it.

Through our company philosophy, of a strongly socially committed enterprise, we have not only saved the economy of the Caazapa region from decline, but have brought about a 2-digit economic growth.

Conclusion: in Caazapa, even today, there is practically no home-grown crime. Perpetrators are almost exclusively from other regions or from abroad. We – RELUV and EPV – have saved Paraguay from collapse through the largest urbanization project in South America and through our political education work.

I’m curious if any of the “envy Germans” out there who are beneficiaries of our work will also say thank you to us….

Google the censorship engine

google censorship engineGoogle is now totally dedicated to censorship. El Paraiso Verde has also now been “shadow banned”. This means, without saying a word, El Paraiso Verde was still found under this name, but everything that has to do with emigrating to Paraguay, El Paraiso Verde was simply pushed to the bottom, so that nobody can find it who wants to emigrate to Paraguay.

For this reason, I recommend to get rid of old habits and to turn to new search engines. Among them are the following – ordered by best usage:

  2. Brave Search
  3. Duckduckgo

These three search engines are largely objective and do not sort the search results by system confirmities. For this reason: Drop old habits and use a new search engine. You can copy one of these links and set it as your start page in your browser or create a bookmark with it.

Erwin Annau

The German Hour


1. 2. OCTOBER 2022: Dr. Erwin Annau: Klartext – World situation and the first 6 years EPV

Deutsche Stunde 1 – Klartext über die Weltlage, Bilanz der ersten 6 Jahre im El Paraiso Verde

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  • Teachers for basic, standard and higher teachings in math and science for our school
  • Master carpenters with experience in furniture and window construction, doors, cabinetmakers
  • Lower, middle and high school teachers mathematics and science subjects
  • PERMAKULTUR experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees
  • People who want to work together on permaculture.
  • Shoreline design and water body maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Specialists for Schauberger- and Tesla technologies
  • Gardener

Who is unvaccinated, wants to live in El Paraiso Verde and CAN build such windows? Double insulated glass, height of the doors 2.7 meters. Hinges are bought in Germany. Please contact us.

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