Newsletter: Migration to Paraguay stopped? No, this is false!

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear Paraiso Verde Fans,

Immigration stopped in Paraguay – WRONG!!! Immigration facilitated in Paraguay – RIGHT!!!

Oh God – the Germans….. As Napoleon said, all you have to do is spread a rumor and they tear themselves apart. You don’t need to fight the Germans, they are their own bitterest enemies.

What happened: the Immigration Department of Paraguay announced that it was stopping taking immigration applications.

What did the rumored Germans (which hopefully does not include readers of this newsletter) do? They panicked:

“End of the Dream to migrate to Paraguay” could be read in every chat and one many envious of our project, an “immigration helper” was already celebrating the “end of EPV” in social media, not even realizing that – if this rumor were true – it would be the end of her job as well. Fortunately, such people do not come to EPV. No one needs them either and she should have her tuition money returned as an immigration worker…

What’s the deal:

  • Acceptance of applications for immigration is suspended until MONDAY, October 24, 2022.
  • After that, no deposit of money (previously about 5000 USD in Guarani) will be required, so no more “Constancia Solvencia”. Immigration will therefore be SIMPLIFIED!!!
  • After that, no more blood test and medical examination will be required: immigration will therefore be simplified.
  • CHANGE: Immigration applicants will then only receive a TEMPORARY permanent residence permit for 2 years. After that, they will apply for and be granted a lifetime residence permit if there are no reasons not to do so.

We have known about this change for a long time and have often pointed out that it is coming – as a small approximation to immigration in other South American countries.

Fact: with points 1 and 2, immigration will be greatly facilitated
Fact: temporary immigration helps keep people out of this country who shouldn’t be here either.

So – all good, all excitement for nothing.
Details of the change are still being discussed by the authorities and politicians. Therefore, subject to change.

Nobody of the envy-hate-misogyny-intrigue Germans, who are already celebrating our AUS, understands that only because of us the economy did NOT collapse during COVID, that only because of us the lock-down was softened right from the beginning and ended quickly, that only because of us the vaccination rate in Paraguay is the lowest in South America, that only because of us the entry without vaccination passport became possible again quickly and that soon also the PCR test at entry will be history.

Instead of thanking us, they celebrate our NEVER happening downfall and do not realize that this would also be their own downfall and the downfall of Paraguay to a banana republic, but those are the Germans that we do not want in the EPV anyway. We want the others and fortunately they exist and are welcome.

So the rest of you can of course immigrate and come to EPV, it will be easier and the 2 year temporary residence permit may help keep some of the elements that are currently immigrating and making stink out of Paraguay.

Again all is well – TRANQUILLO.

Yours Erwin

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