Newsletter: New customer management system and 10 ways into EPV

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Dear friends of El Paraiso Verde!

We have set many goals 6 years ago and have implemented them despite many obstacles, world political events and difficulties. This will continue to be the case. Many projects took longer than planned, but we do not forget our goals. They will be pursued until they are materialized in the 3D world.

One of these goals was an up-to-date customer management system, a modern newsletter and news program and – most importantly – automatic billing for all those who recommend our Green Paradise and want to receive an exchange for their work.

This goal has been achieved. The new CRM (Customer Relations Management) system of El Paraiso Verde is online…

Each referrer has a customizable web page, their own landing page (contact page) and their own link to redistribute to friends and in all social media. The referral is now recorded by an ultra-modern software and can therefore also be rewarded.

If you want to know more, please click this link.


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We look forward to providing you with even better news in the future and hope that you will find your way to us on one of the 10 paths to Green Paradise.

All the best
Erwin Annau

Here again the 10 ways to EPV

Application to:

0: Application as a settler, purchase of a plot of land, info week WITH application for Cedula and Residence Permit

1. Short info week – for people WITHOUT interest in land investment and without Cedula

For all CEDULA owners already living in Paraguay. All about us in 4 days.

2. Low cost INFO week for all who already have a Cedula

A 7 days info trip to live in El Paraiso Verde.

3. A 2 or 3 weeks WELLNESS and recreation vacation at El Paraiso Verde.

Health and wellness program paired with a visit to the tourist highlights of Paraguay and the waterfalls in Foz de Iguazu (Brazil, depending on entry requirements). Finding access to oneself through individual accompaniment/coaching.

5. Training as a therapist for frequency therapy.

The “medicine of the future” in October 2023 – supplement to other therapies, damage by injections”. Also the harmful effects on fellow human beings. Course including internship on patients lasts 2 weeks (10 days course, 4 days off) with one week extension option (with tourism program – option).

6. Application to work in one of our settlers – companies

Build a livelihood with little money in El Paraiso Verde.
Our farms give you a chance of a future for you and your family.

7. You as a tip giver for the El Paraiso Verde (Affiliate-Program)

Spread message and information about the largest settlement project (habitat, space for alternative energy, agriculture, medicine, spiritual growth, carefree childhood, and much more) on all social media and the internet and earn commissions for the settler and investor referrals you win and attract.

8. Application for the ESCUELA EL PARAISO VERDE

For families who want their children to grow up in a free environment – free from “injections, masks, tests and peculiar theories about gender, early sexualization and other strange worldviews. “With us, children are allowed to be children again.” CHILDREN learn German, English, Spanish, possibly Portuguese and Guarani, they learn how to plant a tree, build a wall, plant a vegetable garden and much more, in addition to the usual objects. Learning for life.

9. Application as a permanent tenant of an apartment or house in El Paraiso Verde

Admission as a permanent tenant for people or families who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to invest in a property and house in El Paraiso Verde.

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