The CashCow Program, Ladrillo Building and Search Engines

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear friends of El Paraiso Verde!

The SWIFT problems we have been experiencing for the last 10 weeks seem to have been resolved. The banks are working again. The “cardiac arrhythmias in the SWIFT system” show that the system is slowly crumbling and that the time of the collapse of SWIFT is foreseeable.
is in sight.

In other words, the Great Reset will come. The time will come when no transfer can be initiated anywhere except into the suitcases of central banks.

Hard-earned wealth will be exchanged for digital nothingness, which can only be fixed again if you behave in accordance with the system….

Our alternative: Investment in the best tangible asset

because we have high quality LIFE-means at El Paraiso Verde – REAL meat in times of insect and mealworm nutrition propaganda. Therefore we recommend the following investment program with 12% profit to our prospective customers, in which everyone can participate, who would like:

Cashcow Programm 12% Gewinn

The El Paraiso Verde CashCow Program

Thank you for the numerous inquiries. The interest to invest savings and assets in the ever growing tangible asset “cattle” is enormous.

The first 10 released CashCow packages were reserved or sold within 4 days. The second 10 packages will be released for purchase next week. A maximum of 100 packages will be available within the next 4 months based on the current state of the pastures.
Therefore, reserving CashCow packages is prudent.

To the most common question: The CashCow program is completely managed and accounted for separately from the day-to-day operations of El Paraiso Verde. Backup property and share of the approximately 70 cattle per CashCow parcel are the property of the investor until settlement.

If you…

  • at least 150% security
  • 12% return after ONE year and
  • saving your assets from the upcoming events in Europe and North America… and upcoming events in Europe and North America…

then please register your interest here: CashCow-Paket

Ladrillo Duro

Emigrating to Paraguay – to an ecological, healthy Ladrillo Duro house in El Paraiso Verde

ladrillo baustelle 1

First construction site, work status 05/18/2013 2:00 pm.

Ladrillo Duro, developed at El Paraiso Verde, is not only a new ecological brick, Ladrillo Duro is a highly efficient construction system:

  • 4 x faster than conventional brick buildings
  • without mortar
  • one fifth of plastering effort
  • without chiseling up walls for pipes

Ladrillo Duro is 4x harder than bricks, thus more load-bearing (even multi-storey buildings are no problem with a considerable saving on reinforced concrete structures).

Ladrillo Duro is heavier than brick. Therefore, it has better soundproofing and thermal insulation properties than conventional bricks. Ladrillo Duro is ecological. It consists of basalt, sand and a small amount of cement as a binder.

Combined with lime or clay plaster, the brick, pressed with 35 tons of pressure (NOT fired), is a breathing building material, where the moisture content in the building regulates itself automatically. The result: optimal indoor climate and (with lime and clay plaster) no mold.

See for yourself: Here is the video from the first Ladrillo Duro construction site:

Ladrillo Baustellen-Innenwand mit Leerrohren-900×600, Blick auf eine Innenwand mit zahlreichen Leerrohren für Wasser und Strom.

Ladrillo construction site interior wall with empty pipes-900×600, view of an interior wall with numerous empty pipes for water and electricity.

Make your appointment here

I look forward to your feedback and remain with warm greetings from El Paraiso Verde

Your Erwin Annau – and the whole Reljuv Team
– Your guarantee for the preservation of your freedom.

PS: South America is waking up!

En Primera Plana: News program with conscientious research.

Many ask if South America is waking up and seeing through the matrix…. I watch the daily news of En Primera Plana. Currently still on speed 0.75 and with English subtitles, then I understand more and more of the content. In a few months I will take the Spanish subtitles. This is how you learn Spanish even if you don’t have time to learn Spanish….


Google is slowly becoming as uninteresting as BBC: You can only find carefully censored articles. Slowly the truth dries up on Google.

Therefore I search everything only on Duckduckgo.

Spread this information. Boycott the censorship machine and CIA-Psy-OP.

AWAY from GOOGLE! Alternative media also includes an alternative search engine. What good is it to “Google” the truth on Google but only find the lies and propaganda?

We are from now on Duckduckgo in searching for TRUE information. We don’t let ourselves be “googled” anymore!