NOAHS ARK EPV No. 4: 6 Years El Paraiso Verde – Mission Impossible

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear Paraiso Verde Fans,

in August 7 years ago we founded RELJUV. In August 6 years ago, we started the construction work at El Paraiso Verde.

With the challenges overcome during these years, we can now focus on the future and the fulfillment of the outstanding tasks:

Land Registry, ATM, Road, Colony and the University

We are working hard on the new era for Paraguay and El Paraiso Verde with the Government of the Patriots under Santi Peña as President, Dr. Cristian Acosta as Governor of Caazapá, Pipo Diaz Veron as the new and first Senator from Caazapá and Amado Diaz Peron as the new Mayor of Caazapá. In addition, there is our fighter in the most difficult times, Congressman Avelino Davalos. The new government will take office on August 15, 2023.

While in the Netherlands the government already dictates to house sellers to whom they may sell (mainly to socially needy buyers) and the ECB still believes that it can fight inflation with interest rate hikes and in the process stabs the economy for good, we offer Paraguay, a free country with the motto:

Opening to the outside world…

  • PRO immigration,
  • PRO economy,
  • PRO life,
  • PRO reason,
  • PRO biological sex (I only see two, no matter how many times I look, maybe I don’t understand something) and
  • PRO Rule of Law.

Our political work, by the way, was a superhuman effort to keep Paraguay from sinking into left-wing socialism like the rest of South America.

While the Europeans seem to have resigned themselves to the Great Reset and the CIA is constantly trying to instigate World War 3 (now again with the Wagner Uprising, which then ended within hours and we wonder “what was that all about?”), it may well be that events in Ukraine escalate and there is an unprecedented wave of refugees to Paraguay.

When Biden, Putin, Stoltenberg, Zelensky and Scholz speak of “red lines” (arbitrarily set as justification for war), each should determine for himself his “red line” which – if world events cross this self-imposed red line – will trigger the exit from a potential war zone.

What is special about such a wave of emigration to Paraguay?

Tens of thousands of Europeans already have a cedula in their pocket, can book the Air Europa to Asuncion at any time and enter legally with their permanent residence permit. I wonder what’s going on in Asuncion then?

Now it becomes clearer for many why we secure our future settlers with “escape properties”, so that in such a scenario they can be picked up by us in Asuncion, brought to EPV and taken care of here for the time being.

In view of such a possible development, we set the following priorities from mid-August:

Focus 1 – Admision Permanente and Cedula

Our goal is to secure immigration even in times of crisis for future settlers. We will advocate for our clients to be able to immigrate even in the event of an international crisis.

This is not a given, as it is possible that Paraguay could stop issuing more permanent residency permits in the face of a large wave of refugees. Paraguay is NOT a welfare state and therefore is not prepared for such waves of refugees.

NEW: for those who want to do the Cedula with us (the RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.):


whether you want to come to EPV, regardless of an info week with cedula and regardless of a move to us.

The recent decree (visa requirement for Admision Permanente – applicants from Germany, England and Austria as a “farewell gift” from the outgoing president to all emigrants) will NOT take place for our info week travelers as Marito envisions. That was the decree:


Once again, it was we – especially Dr. Juan Buker – who immediately fought the decree with the help of the patriots, because it violates a state treaty with Germany from 1962.
That had to be found, dug up, and then the politicians and parliament informed.
All extra work for us. Here is an excerpt of the treaty:



NL-Staatsvertrag 2

NL Staatsvertrag 3

This contract can be found on the Internet under his number.

From August, for all those who want to have from us – El Paraiso Verde and RELJUV – a safe, fast and, above all, a “real” (not fake) Cedula, we will present a procedure that will be unique for the country.

Faster, better, safer.
Be curious. This will be a – late – satisfaction for the intolerable delaying strategy of the Marito government in Cedula applications for the last 18 months.

The 2-year provision of a provisional admision, combined with a Cedula innovation, is also up for grabs. We will renegotiate this.

VIP Cedula with us:

NEW: From AUGUST, ANYONE can apply through us for the Admisión Permanente and the Cedula with VIP support ALSO WITHOUT traveling to El Paraiso Verde (EPV), regardless of whether he or she plans to come to EPV.

You stay in Asuncion, our team of experts will organize everything from the first contact via Skype to the delivery of the Admisión Permanente and Cedula in record time. More Info:

Motto: We solve EVERY case

Note: Our experts have always managed to do this in 12 years (7 years with us and 5 with another company).
Prerequisite is a clean criminal record.
Additional costs for special cases may apply.

Focus 2 – Info week at El Paraiso Verde (with or without Cedula), then trial living and renting at EPV.

We already welcomed the first visitors for trial living. A huge success, because for the first time people can experience SELF – without investing in EPV – who we really are and how it really is in El Paraiso Verde. Instead of relying on statements from “former residents”, it would make more sense to get a picture for yourself.

What if El Paraiso Verde was just the thing for you?
But what if you don’t come and you make up your own mind because someone advised you against it or you fell for a rumor?

(Like someone who then went to a Central American country instead of EPV, got mugged and seriously injured there, and is now hoping to get their deployed funds back out there…).

So you can find out if the “Land of El Paraiso Verde” can become your home.

  1. Info week with or without Cedula (4-day short info week, for those who have Cedula and have already emigrated to Paraguay)
  2. Afterwards: 1 week to 6 months
  3. After that: Permanent tenant, property owner, homeowner, investor.


You see who we are and whether EPV is right for you.
We see who you are and whether you are right for us.
If it doesn’t fit, we part as friends.
If it FITS, you stay out of conviction and realize YOUR personal paradise and life dream in El Paraiso Verde.


Investment opportunities in EPV are limited (CashCow expected to sell out in September. Residential lots sold off in late 2024, small lots near village center expected to sell off in 2023).
Planting your own fruit and nut trees and herb garden delayed.

CashCow and rent offer a year to consider and dig in.
The funds are safely invested, and the price of a residential lot is fixed as of the date of the CashCow commitment.

Focus 3 – CashCow Program

Of the 100 available cattle packages, 32 have been sold after 3 weeks, 13 have been paid for, and by the end of next week there will probably be around 1000 cattle on pasture.
Expected end of acceptance of the 12% non-cash investment with 150% security: September. Here are some of the young bulls purchased on Friday.


If you want to keep your savings safe from the digital state dictatorship currency, contact us HERE:


While Euro, Dollar and Co are getting less every day due to inflation, our currency (cattle) is increasing every day.
A currency change into an ever growing real asset should be considered before Euro and USD perish from anorexia with bulimia.



The first inquiries “can I still buy one of the vacant residential lots?”, have reached us. The first residential plots in Paraiso Verde have been reserved, 3 are in the process of being sold.

It looks as if the small plots of land close to the village center will be sold out before the end of this year. Anyone who wants to acquire such a plot will have to take action in 2023.

Lageplan, frei Grundstücke-1.6.23-9x6

See also our last newsletter. There you will also find the legend to the plan.

The demand for land will really start after the last CashCow packages (September, October 2023). Land prices will remain the same until November 2023. After that 1% price increase per month.

All plots of El Paraiso Verde will be registered separately in the Central Land Registry of Paraguay.

Notary date for the first 15 families to apply for land registration: June 1, 2023.
We will be there with Ronnie’s camera to interview the settlers.

What a day of celebration for El Paraiso Verde!


We are pushing for the road to be completed on schedule (January 2024).


6 years El Paraiso Verde – “Mission Impossible” completed – Noah’s Ark sets sail.


As far 2893 Views 26.06.2023

Important announcement at the end of the interview about the future of “Noah’s Ark – El Paraiso Verde”!

Video Mission Impossible


What a mission, what a task! In the interview with the Matrixxers, Johnny and Shiva, we, the founders of El Paraiso Verde, summarize our mission of creating a heart-level community.

In August 2016 (7 years ago), the sponsoring company RELJUV S.A. was founded.

Construction began and thus the start of the largest urbanization project in South America was 6 years ago in August 2017.

Six years of unimaginable challenges. All mastered.

Again, a new era begins for El Paraiso Verde:

  • Consolidation after 5 years of struggle for a patriotic,
  • non-corrupt, pro-business and pro-foreigner
  • foreigner-friendly government,
  • struggle against floods and water and
  • unimaginable challenges with the people who came for many reasons, but at that time did not understand what it means to meet each other at the heart level.

The mission succeeded!

A stable – multi-facetted, international community has emerged.

The message has arrived in the morphogenetic field:

It IS possible to create a community independent of:

  • Faith,
  • worldview,
  • nationality,
  • political direction

to be founded only on the basis of meeting with an open heart.

Important announcement:
We, the founders, tell for the first time officially how El Paraiso Verde will continue in the coming years.

– Project Noahs Ark –

Erwin Annau
and the RELJUV Team

Wanted: Marketing Specialist
1. good knowledge, English German, at least the will to learn Spanish quickly.
2. experience in website design, SEO, social media,
3. marketing experience
4. relocation to EPV
Aks here

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