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Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Property title

I signed the land register title again with our notary on Monday, May 6, 2024. Some of the owners were with us and also signed. I even signed several titles where the property owners were not in a hurry and were not there.

I have applied for about a dozen more titles and they are now with the land registry. These should be back with the notary for signature in the next 1-2 weeks. On May 6 and 7, I sent another 4 orders for titles to the notary.

I hope we won’t have to comment on any more videos of ex-settlers and “lawyers” who still claim that you can’t get a title in the EPV, or that “titles are only available for 99 years”. It’s hilarious: Legislative changes via Telegram chat and the trolls are the “MPs…:”

The speed at which titles are issued depends on the land registry and the settlers’ completion of the file. We now only take photos of title transfers at the request of the landowner.


Here, too, I don’t need to comment any more. Everything has been published. Last week, the public prosecutor’s office received the supplement to the criminal complaint with 2744 enclosures, all signed by our special lawyer from Asunción.

Anyone who wants to study everything in detail, or who wants to give a friend or relative answers to their “words of warning”:

We publish the details on under TRANSPARENCY.

There you will find the answers to all related questions and also the PDFs with the documents to download.

In this section of our website you will also find answers to topics such as: my Raiffeisen Bank account, my bill of exchange, issued to RELJUV, Cyprus and other topics that are being talked about on social media. As always, I answer with the facts. Documentation beats argumentation.


Even the Paraguayan weekly newspaper, which was previously critical or even hostile towards El Paraiso Verde, has switched to objective reporting. Our appreciation. I disclosed everything to the editors, including the balance sheet, because we have nothing to hide. They researched, analyzed and that was the report:

Please also read the comments, hardly any negative, at most unobjectively cynical, but many positive comments. People are beginning to realize that we, Erwin and Sylvia, are doing everything we can to preserve the project and resell the land and houses as quickly as possible to anyone who wants to leave because of the traumatic time under Buker. Duration: without self-destructive badmouthing of the former owners; 1 year, otherwise 3 years.

Interesting comment from the weekly newspaper to the few settlers who slander us on social media but want to sell their properties immediately: “They’re digging their own grave.” There is nothing more to say about this.

Thank you to the vast majority of our settlers who have realized what is going on and have stood by us. We have become a wonderful family. Difficult times bring people together. El Paraiso Verde has created a strong community of hearts.

New, outrageous accusations against former president

The following Video has it all. It has hit Paraguay like a bomb.


1st Army Colonel Oscar Peña,
– Long-time head of security at El Paraiso Verde
– Long-time head of personnel at El Paraiso Verde
– Eight years senior manager at El Paraiso Verde and in the companies managed by Buker BEFORE El Paraiso Verde

2nd Army Colonel Luis Gonzales:
– Head of security at El Paraiso Verde for 2 years

The accusations of criminal acts and the precise description of the ex-president’s method of exploitation leave the viewer breathless. Even more serious: who is accusing him: two long-serving colonels of the Paraguayan army.

And this is the beginning: people put aside their fear and talk because Erwin, Sylvia and the two army colonels have shown what civil courage is.

The Case Buker takes on a new dimension. That’s another reason why we both stayed: so that this is never done to women again…

Rating: only for strong nerves. Please also read the accompanying text of the video, where the security aspect and the incident – “Security gap closed by settlers” – are described in detail.


Please click on the gear wheel and select the subtitle in German. (Do not let it translate automatically!)

“In 2024, security will still be the MOST IMPORTANT decision-making criterion for the selection of a residence, a living space and an investment.”

Create your own paradise in a green paradise

We have often been asked whether there is a possibility for large families or friends to buy a hectare that the family or friends can cultivate together and thus build their paradise in the safe El Paraiso Verde without having to do the impossible pioneering work.

YES, now, for a short time.

We have decided to make TWO hectares WITH title in Pirapo 2 available for such projects at a 30% discount. There are hectares 33 and 55.

The discount applies to all transfers sent by June 15th.
After that, the discount will be reduced by 5% per month.

If you want to realize your project, if you want to relocate with your unpecked extended family or if you plan to build a small “village” with long-term rental houses and apartments on one hectare, please contact:


For all those who want to realize a smaller paradise with a limited budget: the discounts at Caracol will remain in place for the time being (30%, title approx. 2026).

For those who are not yet sure: Info week, then 2 weeks for the price of one, 4 weeks for the price of 2.

Register now at:

Fly with our birds over the El Paraiso Verde:
A wonderful video, filmed and edited by Sebastian.

Asado (barbecue) for the first of May with our Paraguayan family
– our employees.

In Love
Erwin Annau

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