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Dear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Thank you for your many congratulations and comments, such as this one:


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TEXT (verbatim transcript):

“Brilliant. I would like to congratulate you and you dear Sebastian and your family from the bottom of my heart. My visit to you and your leadership at EPV was very impressive what you have achieved.

I am mega happy that I was able to see the EPV as an outsider in December 22 and hand over my donation to the school. I will keep the school celebration and the smiling, carefree children’s eyes free from any negative influences of deviant people and ideological constraints in my heart with great gratitude.

My path with my family will continue to be in Switzerland, as my loved ones do not want to emigrate. Without being influenced or receiving money or anything else from EPV, I can recommend EPV and its people of the heart to everyone or get to know them during an information week. See for yourself, take a tour and visit smaller projects as a comparison. These also have their charm. For me there are 3 projects that I found really great, but only the EPV is of the dimension that really realized what was presented years ago as a vision on Stein TV by Erwin and his wife.

There were certainly some unpleasant moments with the former management and what happened to the people affected, but it is fair to say that it has nothing to do with the founders/visionaries. They are to be commended and they care about the people who have been wronged. I look forward to being in Paraguay again and being able to fill up on love energy in a protected environment as a guest at EPV. Thank you for your work, we in Europe and the world will one day be able to gratefully accept what you have created and will continue to create. Kind regards from afar Michael.”

Sebastian: “Thank you very much, Michael. We look forward to your visit.”

And to ensure that news of the TITLES reaches everyone who was once interested in the EPV or is now interested, we have published our own website on the subject of TITLES, which is constantly updated with the latest information on this topic.

Land mit Titel

“You GET a title. The land you buy is yours.”


Slowly, more and more documents and evidence of the facts we have reported are coming to light. Slowly, our employees and former employees are shedding their fear of the “despot of the white house” (later Haus am See).

EMPLOYEES – Message:
Mitarbeiter Nachricht 1

Translation: “Dear Ms. Sylvia, I send you a big hug full of strength.
We are by your side so that Reljuv can become stronger. You give us the opportunity to support ourselves through our work in a worthy way.”

One should think about what was implied by “in a worthy manner”. The message came from a female employee….

We the settlers have won the fight against corruption. Now begins the reappraisal and the relentless exposure, but also the reconciliation.

For all those who have already read the report:

The update and addition is in yellow.

It was necessary due to the accounting documents discovered on April 22.

Thousands of hours of investigation and documentation: The lie is fast, but the truth is slow.

It usually takes HUNDREDS of times as long to refute a lie that is quickly spread on YouTube or Tiktok with documents.

The amounts discovered to date, allegedly embezzled and withdrawn from the company through alleged fictitious invoices, now exceed 3 million euros (almost 3.4 million USD). The in-depth audit and the extension of the audit to all years was ordered by us founders.

Here is the link to the updated report 004
Criminal complaint against BÜCKER/BÜKER/BUKER.

The newly updated PDF file:



Simple: by protecting yourselves.

We get requests from people who want to support our fight against the “Deep State” and the alleged mafia structures that infiltrate all projects that want to make a positive difference EVERYWHERE in the world.

“How can I help you, where can I send my donation?”

It’s very simple:

1. Secure your “ticket plot” (if you are unpecked). A small plot of land (from approx. 4000 euros) so that you can come to El Paraiso Verde in the event of an international crisis, build a house there and plant your vegetables. If you don’t have enough money, you can also buy one of these plots for several people. Title for these plots from 2026.

We are working intensively on Plan B and Plan A solutions under 40,000 euros (44,000 USD).

Read more:

More about the ticket property: Newsletter Noahs Ark 022 „Ticket into El Paraiso Verde”

THE 30% discount for TICKET plots (e.g. Caracol A and B) has been extended until the end of June 2024.

2. For those who are not keen: buy a TICKET plot in the developments that will soon be sold out. You secure a plan B – which can also become a plan A – and in any case have a safe investment in times when you don’t know what will happen to financial assets (including crypto) when things go wrong.

3. For everyone (vaccination status not relevant): Invest in land now (with or without title) and lucrative up to 27.27% yield on resale. The worsening world situation and the slowly leaking truth about the infiltration of the Deep State that we have overcome will trigger a run on our properties. Who can you trust today? We have stayed and we are fixing this situation created by the dark forces in leaps and bounds.

The dark forces have lost – worldwide and also in El Paraiso Verde. We are one step further: we have thrown the dark forces out of our country El Paraiso Verde and are putting them on trial. ALL OF THEM.

The best way to support us is to help yourselves and protect yourselves with a plan B, as you can and want to do.

4. Not sure yet? Come to the info week and, if you can, stay with us for another 1 or 2 or more weeks so that you can make a decision.

After the info week: 2 weeks accommodation at EPV for the price of one.
4 weeks accommodation for the price of 2.

Contact us if one of these options is right for you:

We look forward to seeing you there.

Erwin Annau

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