Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 44: TITLE-VIDEO. How long is a title in the land register valid? The laugh of the weekend

newsletter el paraiso verde 2Dear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Emigrating to Paraguay WITH THE BASIC TITLE – El Paraiso Verde

These are the moving moments of the most important, historic event of the world’s largest community of unpecked and awakened people

– El Paraiso Verde, Life in Paraguay – with TITLE –

I transfer the first two land titles to settlers. An enormous burden falls from our shoulders. And the next titles – as you know – were transferred to other settlers just one week later. 10 more titles are already in the works. Whoever meets all the requirements will receive their title.

Special satisfaction: I insisted that our Sebastian get the FIRST title, as a very small thank you for the years in which he was verbally beaten, slandered and even threatened in the A-socialist lying media.

Dear Sebastian, a heartfelt thank you. Your contribution is priceless and vital for people who believe in the possibility of a life of love, peace, freedom and joy.

Steffi und Erwin


Want to know the laugh of the weekend? I have to tell you, we laughed our heads off, laughed until our stomachs hurt…..

But only people with an I.Q. between a slug and a toast really believe that now:

The latest rumor from the A-Social-Lies Media rumor mill:

Quote: “RELJUV’s title to the settlers is only valid for 99 years, then the land will revert back to RELJUV”….

I still have to laugh out loud.

So for all those who want to know exactly: As in Germany, the land register is divided into 5 sections (in the past, when the land register was still kept in paper, this was called an insert).

1. Cover sheet

2. Inventory: Name of the property, survey data and economic type:
Here it says “Urbanisación” as land dedication. In other words, urban development.

At the latest when reading our titles, the fat and unwashed lawyer with a worn, dirty T-shirt who talks full-bodied on YouTube should have his lesson paid back and learn to cook rumors. He claimed that El Paraiso Verde was an agricultural area without any permits and without any value.

Mr. Lawyer, why then do we not have a finca land registry number but an account number (property number) as used in Paraguay for all urban developments and in all cities?

From now on, only stupid people will become your clients, because they already know more about the land register than you do…..

One question: Do you trust this lawyer?


3. Ownership sheet: The owners are entered here. Therefore, if a “title for 99 years only” were entered here, the RELJUV would still have to be entered as the owner and the 99-year use (limited leasehold) could not be entered here at all, but would be on the next sheet.

4. Encumbrance sheet: rights of way, rights of passage, but also a right of use (e.g. 99 years), if it is limited in time.

5. Mortgages, land and pension debts: And now the desperation of the lawyers and estate agents is great. The dream of buying our settlement, worth a good USD 200 million, for USD 2 million, selling it for USD 10 million and depriving 400 settlers of their life savings has been shattered.

What do you do in desperation when the coup of the hostile takeover simply doesn’t succeed? A new rumor is brewing: “The titles issued by RELJUV are only valid for 99 years.”

Smileys 1

Hence our offer of the week to the EPV swearers:

Anyone who finds a 99-year title in Paraguay’s land register at El Paraiso Verde that reverts to Reljuv after 99 years will receive a 1,000 m² plot in EPV in a prime location as a gift (subject to availability) so please work quickly, as EPV will soon be sold out.

And I meant what I said about selling out (without badmouthing in one year, with the A-social-lie-means-two-to-three-years).

Just 8 (EIGHT!) days after the first titles were issued, the entire Paraiso Verde North district, is sold or reserved for sale. This does not mean that the money is there yet, but immediately those investors who were waiting for the titles have made their purchase commitments. Now we can complete the buildings more quickly. The contracts are in the works.

This is what the Paraiso Verde NORD district looks like today:

Paraiso Verde Nord

No more white plots to be seen. The first “white” ones are at Lago del Corazon and de 3 hectares in Paraiso Verde WEST.

Is it still possible to get a plot in the Paraiso Verde NORD district? YES

1. Purchase via RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. by buying back plots and reselling them to new owners

Purchase directly from the owners (investors) possible in some cases.
As there are no more “white plots” (owned by RELJUV, direct sale by us), discounts are only possible for a few plots.
We can tell you about them on request:

There is a reason why I wear gold ties – a golden future for people with soul, heart, brain and mind has dawned at El Paraiso Verde.

Contact us now:

All my love
Erwin Annau, Founder

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