Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 43: Further Titles has been transfered, your Paradise in the Paradise with a Titel

el paraiso verde newsletter paraguay 1Dear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

WE WIN! The truth wins.
The Deep State is in an uproar.

The broadcast of the first titles sent shockwaves through the camp of “you’ll never get a TITLE in EPV” liars.

And our tour participants are laughing all day. They see EPV for what it is and love it. Just like we do.

Anyone who has bought a plot of land in El Paraiso Verde receives a title. Since when is the sale of land with a title a “fraud?” We always said you would get a title.

Promised – Kept!

April 16: further registrations with our notary in Villarrica.


And the next applications have already been submitted……..
The first of the new titles was already in the electronic land register when we drove away from the notary! That’s even faster than in Germany…..
El Paraiso Verde is an incredible success story. We have built a unique community and prove that it is possible to create a community based on love, reason and mutual goodwill, which is interdenominational and international and in which people can find and realize their personal soul plan.
Thank you for the many comments on the Peter Kunzmann video. Many have laughed heartily at my offer. My offer stands. Watch the video if you haven’t seen it yet.


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In Love
Erwin Annau, Founder

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