Today ARCHE NOAH El Paraiso Verde – No. 2 – CASHCOW – now just 258 Plots remain

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Dear Paraiso Verde fans,

today we report about the preparation of the journey to the New Era.

The “Noah’s Ark” El Paraiso Verde is preparing for its journey to the New Era. Before the voyage, the captain must count the cabins (=plots of land) and determine the number of passengers (= number of settlers).

Also, land must be prepared for growing food for the intended number of passengers (settlers). (These are our agriculture, vegetable cultivation and pastures).

And then we need reserve space at our “ARCHE PARAISO VERDE” for children, grandchildren, grandma and grandpa who might want to board at the last moment.

The agricultural area must be large enough to feed all travelers healthy (free of insect crackers, mealworm bread and MRNA- meat) for an indefinite period of time. The journey is expected to take longer…. There is no foreseeable end.

El Paraiso Verde: an international community with a limited number of residents.

We have settlers from many countries in Europe as well as from North and South America.

How many more people can be accommodated in El Paraiso Verde until November 29, 2024, if the events in the world – foreseeable to all of us – will run their course in 2024?

What if THEN a SAFE and toxin-free place to live becomes unaffordable?

Answer: A total of 1000 people. 230 are already here. Then the “Ark Paraiso Verde” is full!

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What do 1000 settlers (a seemingly large number) mean in El Paraiso Verde?

For example: Germany currently has 83 million inhabitants.

If only Germans would come to the EPV, (which is not intended in our international community) that is ONE out of 83.000 Germans or a single settler from Gießen, Worms, Neumünster, Gladbeck, Lüdenscheid, Stralsund, Görlitz……. Or ONE FOUR-PETTY family from Bochum, Mannheim, Gelsenkirchen….

Please spare me the calculation for all German speakers, all Europeans or even Europe, North and South America together.

Ambari, Blick in Garten-900x315

Conclusion: Those who do not have a WOHN plot with us by 29.11.2024 may not get a plot anymore.

EXCEPTION: Those who bought a CASHCOW package will get a plot up to the value of the cashcow package at the price according to the price list from the day of the purchase of the cashcow investment if they wish after the 12 months.

Plots of land have been set aside for this purpose.

Every unjabbed CASHCOW-investor can acquire (if the requirements are met) a residential plot in the EPV.

Please register at least 3 months before the end of the investment, choose the plot and reserve it.

We have only 258 plots left. In some districts and near the school, minimercado etc. there are only 20-30 plots left. We are going to sell these now so that we can finish building houses there and finish upgrading the roads.

Save a Place on the Ark

CHILD discount extended until 29.11.2024

Families with minor children will receive 5% per minor child (maximum 4 children or 20%) on the FIRST residential lot or residential lot for the single family home until this date.


If you move to us with a kindergarten or school child or with several school-age children, you will receive an amount of ANOTHER 5% of the price of the residential property credited to a separate account for the payment of school fees (kindergarten contribution) at El Paraiso Verde.

We will then pay your school fees or kindergarten contribution up to this amount.

See in Morgensonne9x3

There is great news:

Value investment in RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY or land for rental properties: Safe investment with at least 12% increase in value – only until 29.11.2924.

All properties of El Paraiso Verde are registered separately in the central land register of Paraguay.

The individual titles have been signed by RELUV S.a.e.c.a. and handed over to the cadastre and registry in Paraguay.

We can therefore sign and submit the land registry applications for the first 15 families.

Previously, it took up to a year in Paraguay from the submission of the application to the registration of the title.

Our goal is that by the end of October 2023, we will be able to show the first land registry titles of our settlers on Youtube and social media!

This dissolves the last argument of the EPV envious into smoke and mirrors: “You’ll never get a title in EPV.”

You remember rumors like “EPV is a swamp, always under water” , “Nothing ever grows there!” or “You’ll never get electricity and water to your house in EPV”?

Today we laugh about it. At that time this “bad-mouthing” hurt a lot.

Effects of the land register registration

By being able to get a title for your property in EPV, your property becomes worth 30% more. This is a realistic increase in value in Paraguay after a division with allocation of individual titles and cadastral registration for each individual plot.

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Further increase in the value of the land: PLUS 20% for road to entrance in El Paraiso Verde.

Completion of the Asphalt Road

This is the asphalt road from Caazapa through El Paraiso Verde to Colonia Cosme and Santa Catalina.

This is the overview map of the construction board, showing the total scope of the project.

Straße, Bautafel, Karte-4x4 Straße, Bautafel, Text-4x4

As can be clearly seen in the photo, bridges have been built and the road is being prepared for asphalting.

Straße, Brücke, Leitplanken-9x3

Our future president, Santi Peña, has stressed that the opening of this road will be the first opening that he will personally carry out as president in the state of Caazapa.
Still in 2023. This is the commitment of the President of Paraguay.

Straßenbau Paraiso Verde-9x3

The road construction work is also actually in the final phase. The bridges are finished, the guard rails are built. Everything is ready for the asphalt machine.


  • Our land may be worth 50% more right away in 2024.
  • But we will not raise land prices by 50% in 2024.

We leave the whole by title and asphalt road value increase to investors and settlers who secure their residential land NOW (by the end of October 2023) or land for building apartments or rental properties.

Chivato vor Minimercado9x3

Beginning in November 2023, we will increase the price of our lots by 1% each month.
We will do this until the value of the lots is adjusted to the value of a condominium lot with all connections, infrastructure, recreation space, with title and asphalt road to the front of the condominium entrance…. Minimum price increase: 12% in 1 year.

With CASHCOW parcels expected to sell out by the end of September 2023, the purchase of residential lots offers a renewed opportunity for a tangible asset investment with significant appreciation in El Paraiso Verde.

Residential lots NOW available in the very best location:

Lageplan, frei Grundstücke-1.6.23-9x6

RED: Sold, gone
ORANGE: Reserved
WHITE: still vacant, available for purchase NOW
GREY: for settlers who want to practice a trade or build rental properties
LILA: Released for resale.

From this picture you can easily see how the situation really is.

In detail:

RED-SOLD: most of the plots are sold in this part of the district. These owners also want to get into the land register.
ORANGE-RESERVED: e.g.: in the settlements PV-49 and PV-19 there are no more free (white) plots. There we will finish the settlements with our road milling machine first.
VIOLET- FREE PLOTS FOR SALE: A few plots from settlers who in most cases have exchanged and in some cases moved away. From this you can see how few actually move away again.
WHITE: that’s a little over 30 vacant lots still available for purchase in this settlement area. The prices will remain the same until October 1, 2023.
GRAY-LOCKED for special use

Save a Place here on the Ark

  • In some of these areas there should be a pedestrian zone with stores and eateries.
  • Please keep in mind that in a few years we will have tourism in EPV.
  • Rental apartments (some multi-story) can also be built there. An opportunity for investors.
  • Combination local and rental or only rental apartments.

The first of these houses (Leonartis house) is under construction:

  • On the first floor there are 2 pubs, which can alternatively be used as residential studios,
  • on the 1st floor there are 2 apartments and
  • above a roof terrace with breathtaking views over El Paraiso Verde.

Leonartis von oben Paraiso Verde-45x30

Those who want to stay within walking distance to YPY Lake, Bambambo, the school and the minimercado and dining hall: Please go here.

Who is looking for another plot in EPV, Please go here.

Rent in El Paraiso Verde. We still have rooms, apartments and a few houses for rent.

Registration for a preliminary interview: Please go here.

Overview of investment opportunities in El Paraiso Verde:

Here you can find an overview

More about the project: ARCHE NOAH El Paraiso Verde –
Ask here

El Paraiso Verde is the only permanently existing settlement project worldwide of significant size. There is nothing comparable and – unfortunately – there will probably be nothing comparable in the future. Noah’s Ark Project Closing on November 29, 2024 – 7pm.

Our Noah’s Ark – El Paraiso Verde


Save a Place on the Ark here

CashCow News

Balance after 15 days:

Rinder auf Weide-900x315

  • The first 6 herds (420 animals) of investors are on the pasture. Bank transfer arrived, cattle with numbers assigned to investors – and the animals are increasing daily.
  • 14 more CashCow packages are currently sold, remittance is on the way.
  • A total of 20 packages out of 100, so the program could sell out by the end of August.
  • CASHCOW is an investment-only program.
  • Living in El Paraiso Verde is not a requirement, vaccination status is irrelevant to CashCow.

I would like to save my assets from the impending crash and invest in the tangible asset RINDER with land collateralization: Request for the CashCow-Programm

Contact us Now for an appointment for your personal CashCow Investment:

Kind regards
Dr. Erwin Annau
and the RELJUV Team

Wanted: Marketing Specialist
1. good knowledge, English and German, at least the will to learn Spanish quickly.
2. experience in website design, SEO, social media
3. marketing experience
4. relocation to EPV
Ask here

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