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Newsletter El Paraiso VerdeDear Friends of El Paraiso Verde,

Over the last few months, many employees have approached us to tell us what it’s really like at EL PARAISO VERDE – NEW. Quite different from what many people think: peace, great people, bright children, a place to find yourself and realize yourself.

Our employees talk about their work at El Paraiso Verde NEW, about the working atmosphere, and about the new management, Erwin and Sylvia. And they talk about the community of the settlers, who have also embraced our employees.

Get to know the people who care about your well-being when you come to us, whether it’s for a visit, a trial stay, a plan B or a new home.

El Paraiso Verde NEW – Glexys about Erwin and Sylvia Annau – Change is remarkable

Glexys has known us founders and the El Paraiso Verde project since JULY 2016!

She was responsible for the eucalyptus investor trip we visited in another company before we decided to locate our project in Paraguay.

Glexys comes from Venezuela. She is a self-reliant, highly intelligent, independent young woman who has experienced many things. In recent years, Glexys has been president of the travel company that helped organize our Info Weeks.

Hardly anyone knows more about everything that has happened in the last 7 years. Glexys can better appreciate the transformation of the project into EL PARAISO VERDE – NEW through us as the new managing directors. After we took over, she came to us of her own accord and offered us her help and cooperation. She works in the EPV administration in a management position with us.

“If you have a dream, you have to fight for it – and we really respect the founders for that.” (Glexys)

Glexys1 Glexys2

El Paraiso Verde NEW: Francisco, security guard: “Erwin and Sylvia Annau are good people.”

Francisco comes from Caazapá. He is part of the security team at El Paraiso Verde NEW, which ensures that the settlers at El Paraiso Verde can move around safely and freely in over 14 km2 of living space, no matter what happens out in the world. He has experienced the time before and after the founders took over the project. He therefore has a lot to say:

“We can work in peace because we work for good people. Dr. Erwin and Sra. Sylvia were always on the side of the employees. Before it was a dictatorship, now it’s a democracy. The two of them bring stability to our people. Our children can study and we can eat and buy clothes. I worked for foreigners before, but they never treated me as well as Erwin and Sylvia. They are very good people.” (Francisco)

Francisco1 Francisco2

El Paraiso Verde NEW: Moisés: “EPV is a machine for Caazapá’s economy.”

Moises is part of the security team at EPV. He also witnessed the change to the new management. For him and hundreds of other families, El Paraiso Verde was a lifesaver during the C-years. Almost everyone in his area had no work and many families went hungry. Only El Paraiso Verde gave him work.

“We work very well together with the new management. I go to work relaxed, I’m calm and I breathe differently. Erwin and Sylvia are excellent people, they always treat us with dignity. They are not like the previous management told us. You (now) come to work and get a fair wage.” (Moisés)

Moises1 Moises2

Nice to see so much good news from El Paraiso Verde-NEW.

You can’t necessarily say that about the rest of the world…

Verlasst das Land...

Therefore 1 GOOD NEWS from the EPV:


Since the beginning of 2024, Peter Kunzman and his team have been making the cedulas for our settlers, info week participants and even for people who only come to Asuncion for 2 days and apply for the Admision Temporada (temporary residence permit) with him.

We had to take over 230 unresolved cases from the previous management.

(See interview with Peter from the beginning of 2024):

Of these cases, 150 have been solved. Cedulas handed out. 80 cases are still to be solved. We solve more cases every week. Until all the files we have taken over have been positively resolved.


Since 1.1.2024, the processing time for all cedulas for which all documents are properly and completely available is MAXIMUM 40 days for the Admision Temporada and then MAXIMUM 20 days for the cedula.

So currently a maximum of 60 days until the Cedula is issued if all the necessary documents have been submitted.

With us, the world is whole (again).

El Paraiso Verde is NEW, things are moving forward.

We are here for you if you are looking for a safe place

with honest and warm people – in other words:

a NEW home at El Paraiso Verde – NEW.

In Love,

Erwin Annau

P.S.: This morning on our terrace…

We rescued a hummingbird. He was so cute that he kept sitting in Sylvia’s hand, shivering and panting after the shock he had suffered when he was trapped on our patio between the glass doors and our freezer. We let him rest and then he flew away – rescued and free again.

Sylvia mit Kolibri Kolibri2

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