Rescue in the event of a burst pipe – Experience Report

A wonderful good morning to everyone, many thanks to everyone who visited our flea market yesterday. It was a lovely afternoon spent in good company.
When I came home from Lydia afterwards, I was surprised by a big mishap. By switching on the power, so they explained to me, so much pressure must have built up in the water system, that a pipe on the water pump came loose and this caused a huge flood (thankfully only behind the house). I could only turn off the main water tap.
Uwe informed Magno and he was there with his colleagues in 15.min record time and that on a “Sunday”!
They repaired the damage quickly and easily so that I simply had water again. Two more employees came this morning without being asked and did the rest or exchanged parts.
I just want to thank you for the quick help!
Thank you, especially to Magno! I haven’t even experienced that in Germany and we’ve had quite a few burst pipes in the apartment and practice over the past few years.
The guys are always helpful and there when you need them!
This is not a matter of course and shows me how great this project works here!
I wish everyone a good start into the week.

Warm greetings

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