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Dear friends of El Paraiso Verde!

A lot is happening at El Paraiso Verde

The development of El Paraiso Verde is going faster and faster. I know some people think everything is “too slow”, but when you consider that we currently have the capacity to build 70 buildings a year in brick, we will soon be building 6-8 buildings a year with Rammed Earth and when the big hall is finished we will also be able to offer houses with pressed mud bricks, you get an idea of how huge this project has become.

In our new video we give you a (far from complete) overview of what’s new at EPV. First of all, we invite you to our monthly birthday party of our settlers. It’s nice to see all the smiling people who can live happily and in peace with us. Then we show you life in our Block D Hotel with its communal outdoor kitchen, boating at YPY Lake and the construction of the first large villa on the east shore. We will give you a whole new perspective from the southern tip of our El Paraiso Verde. New machines are being bought almost weekly so that we can speed up construction. The trees are growing faster due to the rain, a new park is being created in Pira Tava.
First pictures of the “Rainbow-Bridge” made of Rammed Earth clay. Rammed Earth has found its new home in El Paraiso Verde. El Paraiso Verde will be the first place where a lot of Rammed Earth houses will be built. Once we have our university, we will teach these and other ecological building methods to students from all over the world.
Have fun watching!

See you soon at El Paraiso Verde!

The May trip is practically full. The June trip is also filling up. So sign up RAPIDLY!

All the best
Erwin Annau

Professionals wanted

  • “2-3 teachers for self-directed/free learning. Experience is an advantage, internal training is possible.”
  • Lower, middle and upper school teachers in maths and science subjects.
  • PERMAKULTUR-Experts with experience, especially in growing fruit trees.
  • Shoreline design and lake maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics Specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work experience to

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