Uwe, Doctor Naturalista: the interview – Sylvia, the celebration

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends

Visit of Senator Silvio Adalberto Overlar Benites at El Paraiso Verde
– the video

Here is the video of the visit of Paraguay’s most influential senator. And also the proof: He asks the gatheredi workers in Guarani if they are also 100% registered with the social security and the gathered workers confirm this with loud applause. Unbelievable for such a large company in Paraguay, but: we set a good example.

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VICTORY for El Paraiso Verde and for Paraguay

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

The “tide of war” is turning.
VICTORY at the international level: The plan is being seen through

Worldwide COVID is abolished and the true plan of the (still) powerful becomes visible. Worldwide people wake up. Worldwide the mass (=lies) – media are recognized as propaganda – machines of warmongers, agitators and merchants of fear and catastrophes.

Thus also the planned, world-wide “extermination campaign against El Paraiso Verde” became the largest advertising – campaign for our colony. From all over the world people are coming forward to join us, even from Japan! El Paraiso Verde is known all over the world. The smear campaign against us became an atomic pipe burst for the forces of Evil. This time the good guys win.


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Raw food cafe, report Telenoche

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

Our popularity is on the rise!

Last week one of the biggest TV stations in Argentina, telenoche was with us. They were allowed to film and interview settlers in English and Spanish. The coverage was positive, although telenoche is part of the main stream media sent out to report negatively about us. “the colony of the chosen anti-vaccinationists.” Should sound negative, but for the Main Stream press the report was another shot in the knee:

Views of our videos are now up 230% in the 28 day period. Requests come from USA, Canada, and thanks to telenoche from Argentina, as well as from other South American countries.

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Now everyone knows us! – Settlers Video

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!


We are famous, but please….. no star hype…, no paparrazzi, no groupies, no autographs either please…… We are normal people, just like you ( I mean you, the other normal people ).

Actually we just wanted to come to Paraguay to have our peace and do our thing, but who has peace if he wants to do something positive for other people? Not yet happening on Planet Earth.

For a few days now we have been getting advertising that cannot be paid for with many millions of Euros or Dollars. The initial media campaign „against us“ in the Guardian cost those, which actually believed to be able to harm us with it a high 6-figure dollar amount.

And then we came on TV, Tagesschau, Spiegel, Stern, even Time Magazine…. Meanwhile you can read about us in Hungarian, Norwegian newspapers and everywhere in big articles.

It is funny that none of these newspapers have been on site…

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